Thanksgiving Poems

Thanksgiving Poems – they are educational, funny, historical, serious, catchy and so much more!

The lines rhyme, they have a cool beat, they create a festive atmosphere in the classroom or home and they make kids excited about the upcoming holiday. 

In high school we memorized TONS of poems! At the time, I thought it was a little bit much, but poetry taught us so much.  Through poems we learned about magical worlds, the sorrow of death, the pain of suffering, the bravery of the hero, the tale of the princess and lots of other captivating stories. 

Thanksgiving poems are just like the other poems written for different times of the year.  And to echo what I said above, Thanksgiving poems have so much to offer to everyone, especially children.

4 Tips for Memorizing + Categories of Thanksgiving Poems

When Thanksgiving rolls around, everyone is in a bustle and a hustle because the holidays are coming and there is just tons to do!  So, memorizing Thanksgiving poems is probably the last thought on your mind.  However, with the compilation of poems that I have, your kids will be able to memorize at least one in no time flat!

Some tips for picking out and memorizing Thanksgiving poems:

  • Just memorize a short and simple poem – the shorter the poems, the easier it will be for them to learn and they won’t become discouraged during the process. 
  • Choose some Thanksgiving poems that have a good end rhyme scheme so that the kids can easily catch on to the poem. 
  • Pick out some funny poems because they are great for kids and allow them to have fun and laugh at the catchy lines. 
  • Educational Thanksgiving poems will teach children about the pilgrims and Indians and the reason as to why we even celebrate this holiday.

So, now, you feel more like trying to get your kids to memorize a poem.  That way you’ll be able to entertain your guests on Thanksgiving.  In fact, setting up a poetry recitation is a great way to celebrate the day and pass the time.  And, if you are ambitious enough, you could even let your kids make some pilgrim and Indian hats to wear as they recite their poems!

Categories of Thanksgiving Poems:

  • Funny Poems – these will be short, giving warning to the Turkey to watch out for Thanksgiving Day and another about five fat turkeys, there are also a few others thrown in. 
  • Harvest Poems - Originally, Thanksgiving was set aside each year for everyone to be thankful for the harvest and food that had been grown and gathered throughout the previous year.  The poems in this category though have to do only with harvest time to help children to understand how grateful the people of olden days were for a good harvest and food for the upcoming winter. 
  • Pilgrim and Indian Poems - And last but not least, this category of Thanksgiving poems would not be complete without a few poems about the pilgrims and Indians. Because, without the pilgrims sitting down and inviting their Indian friends to a feast of good food, we would not have Thanksgiving Day. 

To make it fun as you go along play some music, sing some silly songs, and color some coloring pages.  Here are a few free coloring pages for the kids: Turkey Coloring Page, Cornucopia Page, Indian Page and a Pilgrim Coloring Page!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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