Thanksgiving Bingo

Playing Thanksgiving Bingo on the Turkey Day is a great way to break the ice, to get everyone in the mood, and to have the chance to interact with everyone at your feast.

This year for Thanksgiving, my family has decided to put on a Murder Mystery Game.  We thought it would be different and a lot of fun instead of the same old Thanksgiving appetizers, social hour and then the dinner.  This way, we all get to dress up as a character out of the Mystery.  And, we get to pretend that we are actually that particular character.  I think that it should be a hit with everyone and I’ll have to let you know how it goes. 

In previous years, we have played our own version of Thanksgiving Bingo and have had such a blast!  So, I thought I’d share it with you for several reasons:

  • It’s Fun
  • It’s Easy
  • Everyone Can Play – it’s a great kids game and they feel so important when they are included in a grownups game!
  • It’s a fast game though you can play multiple rounds
  • You can eat your snacks and sip on fizzy drinks while playing
  • It creates awesome memories
  • You can win prizes

To make it easy for you I have created FREE templates so that you just have to sign up for the email and download and print them off. 

Ways to Make Thanksgiving Bingo Fun

If you are still thinking that this isn’t going to be any fun or people are going to end up bored then I’ve got a few ways that you can make this exciting. 

  • Use the candy pumpkins or candy corn to mark the words that have been called on your card.  Of course you can eat the candy when you’re done.
  • Use pennies and dimes to mark the words that have been called and then whoever wins that round gets to collect and keep all the money from the other players.
  • Play by using different rules – you could say that if you get the four words in all four corners, you can win.  Or, whoever makes an “X” on their score card or whoever makes a “C”.  Of course, diagonally, horizontally and vertically all can still win.
  • Play some party music – big band selections are usually just perfect for a game like this
  • You could play musical chairs bingo – play some music then stop it and call one word then, start the music again and everyone moves to the next spot until the music stops. 
  • Put your prizes in a brown paper bag so that it will be mysterious and fun to open it and see what is in the bag!
  • Have fun prizes – New colored pencils or color crayons, Small baggie of Hershey kisses, stickers from the Dollar Store, Dollar Store book of crossword puzzles/word find, a new deck of playing cards

So, if you are looking for a perfect game to play on Thanksgiving, the Thanksgiving Bingo is a fun game that doesn’t take up too much time.  Kids will love playing it and in fact, maybe you should play it before the fourth Thursday of November.  You could download it along with my Pre-Thanksgiving Party kit.  That way the kids could play it on Turkey day and they could play it in the days leading up to the big day, at their own little Thanksgiving Party. 

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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