Swimming Pool Games - 15 Fun ways to stay Cool in the Pool

Swimming pool games make swimming time more exciting for your kids, their friends and all of the family.  I’m going to give you 15 crazy fun games that will cause lots of splashing, water flying and laughter during summer swimming days.

1. Making a Whirlpool

Having a pool party?  Well, make a whirlpool.  You can make one in an oval pool, circle   pool or even a square/rectangle size.

You will need about 5 people or more to start the whirlpool.  Have everyone line up in the pool, one behind the other and start running/walking.  Soon the water will pick up speed and flow in the direction that everyone is traveling, almost moving everyone along as it flows.

It is super cool to see the water swirling in a circle as well. 

For some extra fun, tell everyone to turn the opposite direction and try running against the current!  Everyone will be laughing because it’s almost impossible to do!

2. Volleyball - My favorite of all Swimming Pool Games

Water Volleyball is an awesome swimming pool game – especially if you’re having a pool party or extended family is visiting.

You might want a volleyball net for your pool but you can also make your own by stretching a rope across the middle, setting the boundary for both sides.

Grab a volleyball and divide into 2 teams.  You can play this game with as few as 2       players or pretty much as many as you like (it’s a game and if you’re not following the exact rules it doesn’t really matter.)

Then it’s just a matter of keeping that ball from touching the water.  Hit it overhead with     your hands and try to keep the other team from being able to keep the ball overhead. Every time the ball hits the water, the opposite team receives a point.  Pick some number to set the points limit at and whichever team reaches that limit first wins the game.

Not only is this form of volleyball an exciting swimming pool game but it also provides some superb exercise and energy.  Everyone will be starving after playing this game so grill up some hamburgers to eat as well!

3. Chicken Fights

Talk about exciting!  Well, chicken fights are just that.

You will need at least 4 people to make this work.  (And the stronger the individuals, the better.) Two people get to be on the bottom, two on the top. 

The individuals that are on the bottom, help their partner up onto their shoulders to sit down.  The bottom person needs to grab onto the legs of the person on top and hold on to them tightly. 

Once the teams are in position, the people who are on top try to pull the opposite one into the water, all the while the people on the bottom try to balance and hold onto their teammate on top!  

If any giggling and laughter pops into the equation here, you’re pretty much a goner and into the water you’ll go!

4. Marco Polo

This is one of the classic swimming pool games out there.

You don’t need many people to play or you can play with a large group.  One person is chosen to be “Marco.”  Whoever that is has to close his eyes and slowly float throughout the pool in the hopes of catching someone. 

While floating around, “Marco” calls out the word “Marco” and everyone who is playing the game says “Polo” in response.  That way the player with his eyes closed can listen to hear how far away or close the other players are. 

Whoever is caught is then the next “Marco.”

It can get really exciting if someone is caught when they were trying to sneak out of the pool.  “Marco” can call “fish out of water” and whichever player is at the time not in the pool has to be the next “Marco.” 

5. Water Balloons

You might wonder why you’d play with water balloons in a pool but really, they’re just as much fun in the pool as they are out of the pool.

Fill them up with water, tie them and then get them all slippery and wet.  Play a game of catch with them and just try catching them…  When the balloons are all wet and slippery and you’re all wet, you can barely hold onto the balloons making for a very exciting game. 

Another swimming pool game that you can do with water balloons can have you throwing the water balloons at other swimmers.  Swimmers can duck into the water if you’re not quick enough so, you’ll learn the art of being speedy!

6. Monkey in the Middle

You only need 3 people to have fun with this swimming pool game.  Someone needs to be chosen to be the “monkey in the middle.”  The monkey stands in the middle of the pool while the other 2 players stand on either end of the pool.

The players on either end of the pool throw a ball back and forth to each other.  The monkey in the middle tries to jump up and catch the ball.  If he catches the ball, the player who threw it becomes the new monkey in the middle. 

This game can give you quite an arm and leg workout!

7. Running Water Race

Ever tried your luck at running in the water?  It’s hard work!  The water restricts your running abilities making it almost impossible.

That’s why having a running water race is an unforgettable water game.  You can even play this one while swimming at a lake. 

Start off at one end of the pool (or the shoreline of the lake) and race to the opposite end.  The only way players can get there is by running. 

You might be surprised – because the person who might be the fastest runner out of the water might not be the fastest runner in the water.  Oh, and don’t start laughing as you look around and see how silly everyone looks as they try to run through the water or you might just lose the race!  

8. Holding Breath the Longest

Want to prove your tenacity? Your strength? Your endurance level?  Play a game where you see who can hold their breath the longest underwater.  Boys seem to have tons of fun with this game (maybe because their egos are naturally always telling them to be the best, strongest individuals that they can be.)

And if you want to try to improve your ability to hold your breath well, start swimming laps.  It will help tremendously!

9. Jumping Up and Down

Some of the best swimming pool games test your endurance and fitness levels.  This game is another one of that type.

Starting at the same time, see who can jump up and down in the water the longest.  It’s funny how the water can really have an effect on you and tire you out quickly.  Just keep on jumping until everyone else has tired out and you will be the winner! 

To add a little flare to this game, try going below the water with your head and then jumping up!  It’s even harder!

10. Ring Toss/Dive

This is a classic swimming pool game.  All you need are some pool rings that you can easily toss.  Have one player toss all of the rings throughout the pool.  Then, see who can collect the most rings.  For another variation, time people to see how long they take retrieving all of the rings.

11. I Spy

This is a fun, relaxing game to play while floating around the pool on a lazy summer day. Whoever is in the pool can pick an object whether inside or outside of the pool that the other swimmers have to figure out what the object is.  Clues such as color, size, area of the yard, can be given describing the object.

12. Object Hide and Fine

Hiding objects in a pool makes it a rather easy game to play because there aren’t many places to hide different things. 

You’ll have to use your imagination – find objects that are the same color as the interior of the pool (that way they will be harder to find), also smaller objects are harder to find, hide objects in the dark shadows of the pool, under the ladder, on the steps and other different nooks and crannies.  Then, have the other players come and find the toys/items that you hid.  Whoever finds the most, wins the game and gets to hide the objects the next time around! 

13. Hopping on One Leg Across the Pool

Balancing in the pool is much easier than when you’re on land.  But, try hopping on one leg across the pool.  The water makes it almost impossible to do the hopping and so everyone will be collapsing all over the place during the race.  And, whoever makes it across the pool while hopping on one leg, well, they get to have bragging rights until the next race adventure!

14. Back Float Race

Lie on your backs, stare up at the clear blue sky overhead and put on your speed arms!  It’s time for a back race.   Everyone can line up with their backs to the finish line.  When the “Go” is given, everyone balances onto their backs and begin swimming across the pool. 

Steering yourself while on your back can be a fun challenge but a challenge that is definitely doable. 

There really isn’t much more to this pool game than staying on your back and moving your arms so, may the best one win! 

15. Different Stroke Race

Use the breast stroke, back stroke, butterfly stroke, sidestroke, dog paddle, and any other strokes you may know and race across the pool. 

First, decide which strokes must be used going down the pool.  For example, use the breast stroke on the first way down the pool, then when you reach the end of the pool, turn around and do the back stroke back to the other side of the pool.  Turn around again and do the butterfly stroke.  And finally, do the dog paddle. 

Whoever is the first to finish all the different strokes wins the race.  And, have a lot of food ready to eat after this race because everyone will be quite hungry! 

So, there you go!  Fifteen different games and races for you to play in the swimming pool.  Kids won’t be bored anymore and say they don’t have anything to do in the pool with this list of activities! Yay! 

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