5 Summer Fun Outdoor Games for Kids Under 8

If you have young kids you’ll definitely want some summer fun outdoor games that they can partake in. Sometimes your younger kids seem so difficult to keep entertained.  And, especially now that summer is here and school is out, your younger kids are going to be a little bit antsy and won’t know just quite what to do. 

Since I have two toddlers it can be quite challenging to keep them busy at times and out of my hair so having a few ideas for what to do with them is very helpful. 

3 Fun Activities for the Toddler Aged Child

Here are 3 summer fun outdoor games ideas for your child of 2-3-4. 

  1. Playing with water – this is fascinating to the young child.  And it is a great activity for those hot days of summer. 

                  a.       A little pool is one way to keep them cooled off and I’ve found that I can                      put in just a tiny amount of water and my little boy and girl will spend                                HOURS in it splashing around and I don’t have to worry too much about                          any serious accidents.  Also, I don’t care if the water does get dirty because                      with the minimum amount of water. 

                  b.       When they get a little older they may want to play with boats and they                        could even make their own fishing rod and pretend to fish in their little                            pool.  A horizontal slice cut from a large round cork (say an old wine bottle                      cork) makes a great sailboat and stick a tooth pick into it for a mast and a                        small piece of paper glued to the mast for the sail.

     2.       Blowing Bubbles – they make great small bubble bottles for little hands and                   my 2-year-old has no problems blowing the bubbles on his own.  Yes,                                 occasionally we do have spills but they are cheap enough to buy some more.

     3.       A Sand Pile – kids LOVE digging!  Initially I didn’t quite believe this when my              mom friends would tell me that their kids loved to dig but now I can definitely              vouch for this!  So, I suggest investing in a sandbox or building your own                        sandbox.  If you have a large garden, cut out a corner of it and dump some sand            in it.  Then get some shovels, buckets, strainers and containers.  Construction              equipment can also be fun for kids to use in the sand.

So the above ideas are three awesome ways to take care of our little human beings during the summertime and will provide hours of summer fun outdoor games for them! 

 Summer Fun Outdoor Games

Finally, we are at the point of this article summer fun outdoor games for your slightly older children up to the age of 8.  

1.       Charlie Over the Water – A circle game for the younger children.  One of the players is chosen to play the part of “Charlie.”   He stands in the center of the circle, while the others join hands and dance around him, repeating the rhyme:

“Charlie over the water,

Charlie over the sea,

Charlie caught a blackbird

But he can’t catch me!” 

At the last words the players stoop and Charlie tries to tag them before they can stand up again.  If he succeeds, the player tagged changes places with him. 

2.       Run for Your Dinner – everyone playing but one join hands in a circle.  The player outside the circle runs around the circle, and holding out his hand between any two players, says, “Run for your dinner.” These two players must then run around the outside of the circle in opposite directions.  The one who first returns to the empty place is “it” for the next game.  The game may be varied by skipping, walking, galloping, etc. instead of running. 

3.       Red Light – all the players except one form in line against a wall.  The player who is not in the line stands in the middle of the playing space with his back to the rest of the players.  With his hands over his eyes, he counts out loud to ten, then says, “No talking, no laughing, no moving.  Red light.” And turns around.  During the counting the rest of the players have progressed towards the opposite wall or goal line as far as they can without running too much risk of being caught.  At the signal, “Red light,” they must all be absolutely still.  If “it” sees any player talking, laughing or moving, he calls that player by name and chases him until he catches him.  If he does not see any one doing these forbidden things, he turns around and counts again.  As soon as the first child reaches the opposite goal the game is started from the beginning with that child “it.” 

4.       Old Mother Witch – One player, chosen to be the witch, walks along in front of the other players who poke, pull and tease her in every way possible.  As they walk along they call after her saying “Old Mother Witch, fell in the ditch, picked up a penny and thought she was rich.”  The witch then turns and asks, “Whose children are you?”  Any name may be given and the witch goes on, but if they should say, “Yours” the witch gives chase.  The first one caught takes her place. 

5.       Fish Net –  This is a summer fun outdoor game that can be played with a group of children.  Divide the players into two equal groups, the fish and the net.  Each group has to stand behind a line drawn at opposite ends of a yard, gym, or playground.  The players of one group join hands to form a fish net.  At a signal, both groups advance toward one another.  The fish try to reach the goal at the opposite end and the net tries to prevent this by closing the net. Ends.  A fish may not break through the net, but can only escape by dodging the ends of the net.  Should the net break the fish escapes.  Any fish caught are out of the game until all the fish are caught.  The two groups alternate in playing the fish net. 

 So, hopefully your younger children will be excited to play these summer fun outdoor games.  And don’t think that you have to have tons of kids to play these games.  A few of your child’s friends will do. 

Wishing everyone happy days of springtime and summer! 

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