Awesome Slumber Party Ideas

Here are a few slumber party ideas for kids to use when they get to have one of those exciting sleepovers that they all love to have.  :)

I am really looking forward to the first sleepover that my little boy can have.  He’s only 2 ½ right now but he has two cousins that he loves playing with and I know that they will all have lots of amazing slumber parties in the future (when they’re a little older…)

Looking back into my past I remember having sleepovers at my grandparent’s house and a few friend’s houses.  In fact, one experience stands out from all of them because the next morning for breakfast, the girl’s mother made us chocolate chip pancakes!  I was super excited and thought that those pancakes were just the best things ever because I’d never had anything quite like them!

In retrospect it’s so nice to have good memories like these from one’s childhood.  Hopefully I’ll be able to inspire you with a few epic slumber party ideas for your kids to have the night of their lives with their family and friends.  Also I’ve created this great slumber party kit for you to download and use!  It’s got a pendant, invitation template, and 15 deliciously yummy snacks to serve at the slumber party!   

10 Slumber Party Ideas for Dinner

Figuring out the food that is going to be served at the slumber party is probably one of my favorite parts of the whole planning process!  

Usually, we like to keep it simple and minimize the number of appetizers that we’re going to serve.  This way we can focus on one main part to eating instead of a bunch of finger foods.  (Now don’t get me wrong… there will be plenty of snacks later on in the evening.  I did promise a complete list of 15 deliciously yummy snacks for you to serve…)  

Here are 10 great slumber party ideas for the dinner you will serve (please note that these aren’t the heathiest of meals but they are fun):

  1. Pizza
  2. Hot Dogs/Corn Dogs + French Fries + Chili Beans
  3. Macaroni and Cheese + Muffins
  4. Buffalo Wings + French Fries
  5. Chicken Tenders + French Fries + Yogurt with canned fruit in it
  6. Pancakes + Sausage + Bacon
  7. Waffles (check out my page on making waffles with your kids!)
  8. Spaghetti and Meatballs + Garlic Bread
  9. Make your Own Subs – buy a large loaf of French Bread and cut into smaller pieces.  Lay out different meats, cheeses, vegetables, and sauces and have the kids put together their own sub.
  10. Egg, Sausage + Hashbrown Burritos


Slumber party ideas absolutely need to include a few amazing games to play.  Here are a variety of games that can be played at your slumber party.  Some of these can be played in the dark which add to the excitement and anticipation of everyone! 

1.      Tasks in the Dark - Seat the children in the center of the floor.  Then, in turn, give each child various stunts to perform, such as turning on or off the radio that is in the room; finding a certain chair and moving it; going to various places in the room to sing or recite.  Each child returns to his seat before the next one’s turn.

2.      Hide and Seek in the Dark – the one who is “it” locates the others by calling their names.  The one called must answer softly and must not move until he is found by hearing and touch alone. 

3.      Frog in the Sea – The player who is chosen for the frog sits on the floor with his feet crossed like an Indian, while the others form a circle around him.  They cry, “Frog in the sea, can’t catch me!” and move forward and back, tantalizing the frog and taking risks in going quite near him.  If the frog manages to tag anyone, he and that player change places.  The frog may not at any time leave his sitting position until he has tagged another player.

4.      I Spythis is a nice, calm game to play after the kids are a bit worn out.  I have a great page full of kid fun ideas! 

5.      Alphabet Traveling – the players sit in a circle.  The first player turns to the person on his right and says, “I am going by airplane to Atlanta.” Or he might say “to Africa” or any other place beginning with the first letter of the alphabet.  The neighbor asks, “What will you do there?”  “Ask advice,” “Act angelically,” or something else beginning with “a” is the reply.  The next player is going to Boston to beg bananas.  And so it goes around the circle, each succeeding player using the next letter of the alphabet.

Those 5 fun games should help you on your quest for slumber party ideas!  And, if you want any more inspiration for your slumber party, grab my bonus slumber party kit! 

Have fun! 

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