Head off on an Epic St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt!

Do you want to have a memorable St. Patrick’s Day this year with your kids but you just don’t know where to start?  Maybe you want to do a fun craft or get everyone to wear matching shirts or green necklaces.  Maybe you just want one simple way to make the day a little bit more special than your average every other day. 

Well, I’ve got a fun St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt that might just be the perfect fit for you and will help make the day a little bit more special!

So, add this activity to your list of to-dos.  Maybe you’re hosting a St. Patty’s Day Party, well, this would be an awesome addition to your list of games that you might have planned.  Plus, I’ve created a fun printable for you to use on so sign up for it and print it up!

What age is this appropriate for?

All ages!  Yes, really and truly, pretty much any age child can partake in this hunt. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you like.

For toddlers, have them find the different items that are on the card very slowly.  Don’t rush them but you can help them by pointing out different interesting artifacts. If you are trying to make this a game for toddlers, you can challenge them by seeing who can find the most objects that are on the card instead of all of the objects given.  You could also set the timer to see who can find the most objects in that time span.  With these different methods, you will help toddlers not become so overwhelmed with the game.

Older children can be challenged more easily and here are a few different ways that can make this hunt a little more interesting:

  • Treat the hunt like Bingo and see who is the first one to fill out the card either in the vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction. 
  • Put a little more of a challenge into the hunt by trying to have everyone find every object that is given on the card
  • Make the hunt a group effort and have all of the children work together on finding all of the objects and filling out one card.

But, I don't have any of the items on the card!

First off, let me make a suggestion: The Dollar Store has the majority of the items on my card.  Of course this is nice because it also makes for a very inexpensive activity  (and of course as parents, aren’t we all trying to save money where we can and yet, have the most amount of fun with our kids as we can, all at the same time?!!)  Anyways, head on out to your Dollar Store to look for the items on the card.

But, you could also consider finding images of each of the items on my card.  Collect all of the images together and print them off.  Then, place them around the room(s) that you will be conducting the scavenger hunt in.  And yes, this is another awesomely cheap option and yet your kids will still be having fun!

Where to conduct this St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

Obviously there are multiple places and ways that you can conduct this activity:

1.      In your living room – kids always seem to love going to the living room and playing in it so you could scatter some of the objects on the card around the room for them to find.

2.      In the kitchen – with all of the nooks and crannies of a kitchen you’ll find plenty of spaces to put the scavenger hunt objects.

3.      The toy room is another great place to plan out this activity. 

4.      Head outside if the weather is nice and stick the items around your house, if plant beds, by your entry way, on your playset.

5.      Have a mixture of multiple rooms and put a set number of objects in each of the rooms. 

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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