Recreational Activities for Kids to Stay Busy and Active With!

As parents we all want to know how to keep our children busy, entertained, not complaining that they are bored and so on.  And so, here’s our webpage that gives you many, many ideas of how to keep your kids busy with recreational activities for kids. 

What do I mean by Recreational Activities?

A recreational activity is an activity that consists of children being able to keep themselves entertained without too much involvement from you!  They are usually small ways to keep kids busy for shorter spans of time and don’t involve any big projects on your part.

They Can Include Indoor Activities:

And Outdoor Activities:

Recreational Activities for the Seasons:

Let's Not Forget the Holidays as Well! 

What are the advantages of having your kid's activities planned out over the course of the day?

I always find that if I have my day planned out and my children’s day as well, things go much more smoothly, I accomplish so much more, everyone is happier and life seems much more structured. 

And so, these recreational activities for kids have advantages for being planned out:

1.       You Accomplish Much More – by making sure your kids are occupied with something to do for a certain span of time, you are able to accomplish the to-do items on your list.  For example, I have to stop at different intervals and go off to nurse my baby and put him down for a nap.  I always make sure that my kids have a different activity to do at this time so they will not bother me and potentially wake up the baby I am trying to put to sleep.

2.       Everyone is Happier – when you have recreational activities for your children planned out, your children stay happy because they are working on different activities that keep them busy.  This of course makes you happy because they aren’t whining and crying or complaining that they have nothing to do. 

3.       A Structured Life – having a game plan and a to-do list keeps life structured and moving along with a sense of organization.  Every mother, parent, teacher, care-giver, anyone, can reap the benefits of a structured, organized life and recreational activities for kids can also! 

When to use these Recreational Activities for Kids

Well, use them whenever you want.  Essentially, since they are everyday activities, they are great for your day-to-day usage.  So plan them out for when you are:

·         Cooking Dinner

·         Doing the Laundry

·         Cleaning the house

·         Cleaning the toy room

·         Mopping the floors

·         Preparing Breakfast

·         Doing the Dishes

·         Having your own quiet time

Here's to smooth sailing days with kids!