15 Quiet Time Activities for Girls

Quiet time activities are an absolute must for any mother of children if you’re trying to hold onto your sanity. :) 

I live and thrive off of quiet time in my house.  It’s my favorite time of the day when toddlers and babies are in their beds taking some much needed nap time.  However, it can be a challenge when I have an older child who is just starting to outgrow nap time.  What are you supposed to do with them?  You still cherish your quiet time and you need it but there’s a child who has nothing to do. 

Result: You need to have some quite time activities for your child to do!

And so, this post is a focus on strictly 15 quiet time activities specifically for girls.  Of course any brother might enjoy these activities as well but if need be, check out my page on 15 quiet time activities for boys.

Goals of These Activities

The goal of any quiet time activity is to keep your kids quiet so that you can have a much needed breather and not have to interact with them.  When I came up with this list of activities, I kept in mind the following points:

1.       Quiet Activities

It’s pretty vital to have activities that will keep your children quiet.  And the toys or items that they are doing should be of a gentler nature.  I live in a small house so, in order to keep everyone asleep, I like to keep my little boy playing with quiet toys that aren’t going to wake up the whole house.

2.       Minimal Mess

Of course a mess is going to be made but it’s nice if you can have activities that make a small mess because after the quiet time is over, odds are, you’re going to be the one cleaning up the mess. :)

3.     No Need for Help

I’m not saying to not help your kids out but since you’re having a quiet time, it’s nice if they’re not going to need any help with their activities.  Just a little thing to keep in mind.  If they are going to be doing an activity that requires assistance, set them all up before the quiet time begins, give them directions or a demonstration and let them go at it.

15 Quiet Time Activities for Girls

Like I mentioned above, these are 15 quiet time activities for girls.  I haven’t left the boys out though and if you want 15 quiet time activities for boys, check out my page over here.

1.       Make candy jewelry or cheerio jewelry or fruit loops – gather together string, and cheerios, fruit loops or life savers and show your little girl how to string them together to make necklaces and bracelets.

2. Play My Pretty Princess Game – usually this just ends up with the little girls playing with the jewelry and dressing up like princesses which is totally fine with me!

 3.  Play dressup – I like to collect dress up clothes at yardsales.  Old prom dresses or fancy clothes and cheap jewelry and a few pairs of high heels make for awesome dressup clothes that your girls will love for years!  I know my sister and I did for quite a long time.

4.       Invest in a doll house – this will provide hours of fun for children of all ages, boys and girls!

5.       Invest in a kitchen + food items – let the chef come out in every little girl.  I have many fond memories of the kitchen my parents purchased for me when I was young.

6.       Paint with water books – minimal mess and taps into any child’s creative side.  Younger children especially enjoy these books but really, any age will find these fun.  Plus, they’re great for parents because all you need is water and a paint brush.  There won’t be any paint mess to clean up, no paint on your table, no paint on clothes.  Very, very nice like I said especially for those toddlers!

7.       Pick up some cheap crafts in the clearance aisle after any major holiday – there are always nice crafts that can be found after any major holiday.  I have found so many for my kids to do and they are very inexpensive at the end of the different seasons.  Plus, if you’re finding crafts at low prices, you can stock up for next year!

8.       Build a princess castle using sheets, blankets – any young girl will love building a princess castle and sheets and blankets are the perfect items to help in this project.

9.       Magnets – I’m sure that you’ve probably heard about the magnetic kids toys that are quite popular now.  I have to vouch for these toys.  They are highly popular in my house, played on a daily basis for a minimum of an hour!  I will admit that I did not buy the name brand but a knock off and they are perfect and I don’t really see why I would buy a better brand. Anyways, I highly recommend purchasing a set or two of magnets for your quiet time activities for girls! 

10.       Listen to an audio story/audio book/music – for younger children, turn on some music for them to listen to and let them play or do some coloring.  Also, I’m sure that your local library has lots of audio stories or books for kids to listen to that make great quiet time activities.  And, if you just never make it out to your library, Amazon has loads of kid’s audio books.

11.       Puppets – first off, have your girls make puppets using old socks and worn out pieces of clothing or using paper bags. Once the puppets are created, your children will have created hours of future fun for themselves! 

12.       Paper Dolls – these are a classic girl’s toy to be included in quite time activities for girls.  There are quite the variety from when I was a little girl and some are pretty interesting and amusing.  Anyways, any girl will love playing with paper dolls.  Another point in their favor is that they make a great game for a single child.

13.       Work on a puzzle – pick up a puzzle at a yardsale or thrift store or find a couple at the Dollar Store.  Puzzles make great brainteasers and help your child enhance their critical thinking skills.

14.       Tea Party - let your girls host a tea party with their dolls or siblings.  Make the tea up ahead of time (lemonade works great for a party like this) and then during the quiet time have your daughter set up the party, host it, and then clean everything up.

15.       Educational Video - maybe you need some super duper quiet time but you don't want your child watching just any old show or movie.  Well, it is always helpful to have them watch something that will educate them and that they will learn from.  Planet Earth immediately comes to mind as an example. 

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