4 Quiet Games for Your Kids to Play During the Warm Weather

With all the bazillion summer activities that go on to keep your kids entertained, sometimes it’s nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet.  So here are 4 quiet games for the warm weather!  These games are great for just the kids to play or you can play them with a group of people at a family gathering

1.       Color Game – have someone choose an object and tell the color of it.  Each person in turn tries to guess the object.  The correct guesser chooses the next object.  This is a great way for kids to relax physically and at the same time if you have younger kids, it is a great way for them to learn their colors. 

2.       Flower Guess – this is a great game if you have a rose or a flower with many petals to use but pretty much any flower can be used.  One person can hold the flower up in front of everyone. Have all the players guess the number of petals that are on the flower. Then, have one child count the number of petals that are on the flower.  The one who has guessed the closest is the winner.  This game helps to teach observation and teaches children about flowers.  You could add to the variations of this game by guessing the number of beans or nuts in a jar or the grains of corn on an ear…

3.       Our Cook Doesn’t Like Peas – yes, an interesting name for a quiet game!  Have all the players, except one, sit in a row.  The person who is “it” sits in front of the players and says to each in turn, “our cook doesn’t like peas (P’s); what would you give her instead?”  The player must answer with some word that does not contain the letter “P.”  And that is the catch!  If the player doesn’t answer at the count of five, he must give up his turn.  This game can be tricky because the words with a “P” are bound to slip out! 

4.       Tommy, Tommy – this is more of a stunt than a quiet game but it does grab the attention of people and their fascination!  With the index finger of the left hand, point off on the right hand, beginning with the little finger, saying “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy” and when you get to the index finger of the right hand slide down this finger and up the thumb , saying “Woops” and ending on the thumb with “Tommy.”  Repeat the process, beginning with the little finger “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy” and ending on the thumb with “Tum.”  At the end look about and casually fold your hands.  Ask anyone in the group if he can do it.  Some people will think that there is a catch to this game but the people who do the little rhyme will see the secret of the fingers! 

Where to Play These Quiet Games

Just a few ideas:

  1. These games are great to play around dinner time when kids are getting out of control or you are feeling tired. 
  2. Driving in the car on a road trip.
  3. On a camping trip.
  4. On a picnic
  5. In the backyard
  6. In your playroom
  7. Swimming in a Pool
  8. At a party

I hope you have fun playing these calmer games with your kids and helping everyone wind down after a hot summer day!