Preschool Math Games – 10 fun ways to learn your numbers

Preschool math games are great for toddlers to learn their numbers.  I’m going to give you ten different ways you can help your preschooler learn his numbers and have fun at the same time! 

1. Macaroni Noodles Number

This first preschool math game requires construction paper, glue, a marker and some elbow macaroni.

Before you call your toddler in, do the prep work!  Otherwise they will be crying and whining and be in tears because they have to wait for you.  (We’ve all been there… :)) So, minimize the crying by being ready for them.

You will need to draw some numbers with a marker on the construction paper.  Then, get out the noodles and glue and call your toddler/preschooler in.

Guide them in spreading some glue around in the number outline.  Then, show them how to glue the noodles on the construction paper inside the number outline.

Once finished, you can get out the color crayons and your child can decorate the surrounding area.  Then, hang on your fridge or somewhere where they can see that number and constantly be reviewing it whenever you see it. 

2. Making Sticker Numbers

This is a very easy preschool math game that requires little preparation and doesn’t make much of a mess.  :)  (I’m all for small messes…)

Like the above game you will need some construction paper, a marker and stickers.

On the construction paper you will need to outline the number that you wish to teach the child.  You could also have a cardstock number that the child could trace onto a piece of construction paper and work from there. 

Then, have the child come and fill in the outline with stickers of all shapes and sizes.  While watching your child, go back and forth, keep asking him what number is on the paper.

3. Sand on a Cookie Sheet

This preschool math game is not for the faint of heart.  It can make a bit of a mess but it’s a fun, educational mess that your child will love. :)

Get a large cookie sheet with sides and a pile of sand.

Spread the sand out over the cookie sheet and trace the numbers out in the sand.  Then,   ask your preschooler to identify the number that you have written in the sand.

And, depending on his level, you can also have your preschooler write his own numbers in the sand.

Kids love feeling the sand and writing in it which makes for a very fun number game!

4. Tracing Numbers in Shaving Cream

Spray a large amount of shaving cream on the cookie sheet and then write the numbers in the shaving cream.  Have your child identify the number.

Kids love to feel the coolness and softness of the shaving cream and it makes them very eager to want to draw their own numbers. 

So, give your child a chance to write out his own numbers.  You say a number and have them write it in the shaving cream.

Just be prepared for a little bit of a mess.  If you want, you can cut arms and a head hole in a trash bag and put it over your preschooler so as to not get their outfit all messy as well! This might well become a new favorite preschool math game.  :)

5. Building Numbers with Clay

Using clay to teach kids their numbers is a great preschool math game(at least for my siblings it was because they loved to play with clay.)

Take the clay and fashion out the numbers from 1 – 5 with it.  Review the numbers with your child. 

Then, have your child build his own numbers with the clay and identify them for you.

This is also a great activity for helping kids with their motor skills and working their little hands! 

6. Pom Poms in a Jar

This is a colorful preschool math game.  Also, it helps children to visualize the quantity/amount that a number represents. 

All you will need are some pom poms (you can buy these at Walmart for $0.99) and a jar or a muffin tin or a bowl – just something to put some pom poms in. 

Start to count from 1 – 10 (or higher, depending on where your child is at in learning his     numbers).  As you count along, have the child drop a pom pom in the muffin tin for each     number he is on.

Then, when you have reached the last number that you are working on, go back to the muffin tins and jump around, telling your child to identify the number you are pointing to.  (This is also a great addition learning game though preschoolers don’t realize it at this point.) 

7. Singing Songs

Taking out some time to sing songs with your child is a bonding experience and at the same time, can help him learn what he needs to know.

Singing number songs is one of my favorite preschool math games because kids love singing and they will put their whole heart into the singing. 

Some old-fashioned number songs include –One, Two Buckle my Shoe, Ten Little Indian Boys, Five Green and Speckled Frogs, and 100 Bottles of Pop on the Wall.

We like to sit out on our front porch and swing on the swing while singing some of these songs. 

Also, another great time of day to sing some of these songs is right after nap time.  Grab a rocking chair and just rock your child in it for a little bit, singing these number songs. Usually they are calm and fairly alert after a nap, making it a great time for learning.

8. Leapfrog Number Video

Watching a video is a good repetitive method to use to help kids learn their numbers. This is an easy method especially if you are trying to focus on helping other children with their own learning topics. 

With the repetition in videos, children start to sing along on their own with the video.  Also, I have caught kids many times throughout the day singing their number songs from the video.

The video helps kids to see what the number looks like and it help them to visualize the quantity that the number represents.

An awesome video that my mom used with all my brothers and sisters and one that I plan on using with my children is the Leapfrog: Numberland.  It is a fantastic DVD for helping your preschooler to learn his numbers and enhance his counting skills.  (Note.  I’m not affiliated in any way with Leapfrog by mentioning this). 

9. Baking Cookies

By using number cookie cutters or fashioning numbers out of cookie dough you can give your children a tasty way to learn their numbers.

Follow a sugar cookie recipe – for your reference, I have a yummy one here.  When you start to roll out the dough, either purchase some number cookie cutters or roll out the different pieces of a number to create a dessert of numbers! 

When you have the dough numbers rolled out and cut, you can also tell your child to put chocolate chips on each number to represent the quantity that the number represents.

You can review the numbers with your child as you are creating the cookies.  You can review the numbers when they come out of the oven and are cooling on the cookie sheet.  Also, you can review the numbers as you decorate them with frosting and sprinkles.

This preschool math game makes for lots of constant practice with numbers and in the end the kids get to eat them!

10. Building with Legos

I love Legos and building blocks.  It is quite incredible what a child can come up with when playing with Legos. 

Pull out your legos or blocks and start counting with them!  Tell your child to build you a stack of 5 blocks high.  Then, build a stack with 3 or 20 or 17.  This give your child practice with visualizing quantity. 

Then, you build several stacks of buildings of different quantity and have your child identify the number.  This helps him with counting. 

In conclusion, these 10 different ways to help your preschooler learn math make math fun and exciting without the drudgery.  And, I’ve found that any way that I can teach in an enjoyable way makes kids much more apt to understand and want to learn. 

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