Preschool Craft Ideas

Here are some preschool craft ideas that are great ways to keep kids busy and out of trouble.  Also, kids love creating things and making their own projects. 

When they make their own craft projects they very proudly exhibit it to all who will take the time to look.

Having a few preschool craft ideas in the back of your head are definitely great for keeping kids busy and out of trouble and helps build up their own self esteem. 

And another great benefit of crafts is that kids can learn about different things that can help them for the future.

Animal Craft Activities

Kids love learning about animals and a great way to teach them about them is through craft projects. 

I've rounded up a couple of different art projects for kids to do that have to do with different animals. 

  • Dinosaurs - this project is great for boys and girls and helps teach them about their shapes as well. 

  • Pets - You can make some really cute puppets of cats, dogs, pigs, and cows.
  • Birds - Using their hands, toddlers can make their own birds and peacocks.

The projects that are posted in the above links are very easy preschool craft ideas that correspond with kids learning about animals.

Seasonal Art Activities

Young children love the constantly changing seasons. 

They love looking out the window and seeing the fall leaves float to the ground or the white snow blanketing the earth. 

It makes them very excited to see the constantly changing outdoors. 

Here in the links below you'll find different preschool art activities for each of the seasons. 

  • Summer - let the kids color an ice cream cone and then serve them some ice cream.  :)
  • Fall - send the kids out to the yard and have them gather some of the colorful leaves and do a leaf project.
  • Winter - have the kids build snowmen and snowflakes. For some reason kids (especially preschoolers) love anything that has to do with snow.  :)

Several Preschool Craft Ideas for the Holidays

When holidays throughout the year pop up it's a great way for you to keep preschool age children busy with fun art projects. 

  • Easter - make an Easter bunny using paper plates.  Make some Easter eggs with different construction paper for the decorations.
  • Grandparent's day - This is great for little kids and a great way to remember this special day for grandparents.  Have kids make a paper plate saying #1 grandparents. Or hands glued together saying "I love you."

All of these art activities are fun and easy for youngsters to complete! 

Have fun!