Pre-Thanksgiving Party

Let’s gear up for Thanksgiving with a kid’s pre-Thanksgiving Party!  Yes, the biggest excitement isn’t going to be until the actual day but put on some good cheer and host a pre party for your kids and their friends.  And, to help you out along the way I’ve got a complete party kit, absolutely FREE!  Sign up for it down below or on the side here… 

We’re going to make this party fun!  A kid’s version of Thanksgiving with turkey appetizers and cute dishes that are going to make you #1 parent of the year!  Oh, and just so you don’t think that you have to go at this alone, get your children involved in the planning so that they can feel the responsibility as well.

Anyways, I know that it’s absolutely crazy the week of Thanksgiving, let alone the day before so, plan to host your pre-Thanksgiving party sometime before Thanksgiving.  You need suggestions? 

  • Host the party on one of the Fridays before Thanksgiving.  Fridays are great days being the end of the week, no one wants to do their homework because everyone feels like they deserve a “break!”
  • Saturdays also work just fine because the thing to do on a Saturday night is party!
  • Sunday afternoon makes the day a little more exciting and a party is a great note to end the weekend on.

Decorations + Food + What to Do at Your Pre-Thanksgiving Party

You probably will want some invitations to hand out so, I’ve got some great ones for you – they’re free and you’ll find them in the party kit down below.

A few decorations make any party merrier so, get some cheap ones.  Nothing too over the top!  In the party kit I have a pendant + other decorations that you can cut out and print up (nothing beats free – right?!)  Also, run to the Dollar Store and get some yellow, orange and red paper streamer stuff.  You can twine the three colors together and hang it around the house. 

Want some food ideas? 

  • A sausage, cheese, crackers platter – arrange the sausage, cheese, crackers in a fan shape, staggering each.  Then, cut out a large piece of cheese for the turkey body and put a peanut for the turkey’s face and a piece of sausage cut up for its little red wiggly thingy.  For the eyes, you could use two cloves or cracked pepper… just use your imagination
  • A Turkey Vegetable Tray – similar to the above platter, just arrange the vegetables in a fan pattern.  Use the dip/ranch dressing as the turkey’s body and stick 2 black olives for the eyes.
  • Some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Serve some apple cider that you make in the crockpot – 1 large bottle of apple juice + 4 bags of apple cinnamon spice tea.  Put in crockpot and let it heat up.
  • Mini pumpkin pies + cool whip
  • Pretzels/Bugles/Chex Mix
  • Caramel Apples

Different things that you can do at your pre-Thanksgiving Party:

If you want some free decorations or an invitation template for your pre-Thanksgiving party then, download my FREE party kit and get planning! 

Happy Thanksgiving!