Pillow Surprises Challenge

Pillow surprises are some of the best, most unexpected surprise that a person (especially kids) can receive!  There’s just something about pulling back the covers and low and behold there’s a special treat on the pillow!  Lots of fun! 

In my kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade years… my mom would always encourage us to make a card and put it on my dad’s pillow.  We’d have so much fun making up a little card, decorating it with ribbons, bows, buttons and pictures.  Then, on the inside we’d write a little note.  Finally, we’d run it up to his bedroom and slip it on his pillow.  I remember the anticipation and excitement of waiting until the next day to hear him say something about the little note. 

We’d also put pictures that we had colored on his chair where he sat at the dining room table.  That was another fun surprise to do for him when we were younger – getting to see his face light up when he sat down for dinner.  :)

Now, I still have fun with putting surprises on people’s pillows.  Every now and then, I’ll put a chocolate covered granola bar on everyone’s pillow and then when I see them the next day, they’re all so puzzled as to who could have left such a fun surprise.  :)So, I’m going to present to you a challenge:  Put a surprise on your child’s pillow every night for the next 31 days (or the next month). 

That might be a bit excessive, putting a surprise on your kid’s pillow every night for a month… So, modify the challenge to fit you.  You could:

  • Do it once a week for 31 weeks (pick a specific day for each week)
  • Do it every other night
  • Do it twice a week
  • Do it for just a certain child each night (though this could create some sibling rivalry.  Of course it just depends on your family)

 Just pick something that is going to work for you. 

What to Actually Use for Pillow Surprises?

Still not convinced that this challenge is for you?! :)  Well, I’m giving you the list below to show you just exactly how easy this is actually going to be for you.  The items on the list are simple, easy to get and relatively inexpensive.

In fact, don’t let expense get in the way.  The Dollar Store is an awesome place to find just about anything to put on your kid’s pillow. 

OK…  here are your 31 Pillow Surprises for your kids:

1.     A fancy granola bar – the granola bars by Sunbelt are pretty sugary (yes) but they are amazing

2.     Circus Peanuts – divide the baggie up amongst all of the kids.  You can make sandwich baggies and put a certain amount in each one.

3.     A fun pencil for them to use at school – it could be sparkly, have flowers, or have their favorite characters on them.

4.     A new box of Crayons

5.     A new coloring book – Dollar Store…

6.     Mini Candy Bars – again, buy a package and then divide up amongst the kids.

7.     A small baggie of Hershey Kisses

8.     Small bags of individual chips – kids love their own personal chip bags!

9.     Fun socks to wear

10.  Hair bows for girls

11.  Sun Catcher Paint Kit

12.  Fruit gummy snacks – fruit roll up….

13.  Small boxes of Fruit Juice – slurp, slurp, just don’t let it go on the floor!

14.  Small Gatorade

15.  Poptarts – divide the box and packages up amongst the kids and maybe get them a flavor like their new A&W Root Beer Flavor!

16.  Flavored Water Drink

17.  Hot cocoa mix

18.  Animal crackers in those cute little boxes

19.  Small container of mini Oreos

20.  Small container of mini Nutter Butter cookies

21.  Small package of Trail Mix – a great healthy snack for the kids!

22.  A new notebook to color in – my little boy absolutely loves having his own personal notebook to scribble all over in! 

23.  A new little bag to carry their favorite items in – you can find tons of little bags at yardsales…

24.  A sweet not that says “I love you!”

25.  ChapStick for those upcoming cold winter days

26.  A new deck of cards – play some Kings in the Corner during the winter

27.  A word find book

28.  Crossword puzzle book

29.  New water paints – I loved getting new paints because there was something just so fresh and welcoming about their “newness”

30.  A mini puzzle (about 300 pieces) – nothing too elaborate here… Maybe you can find their favorite movie character!

31.  Classic wooden travel games

Your pillow surprise challenge should come off without any problems with that list above!  If however you don’t like all the food items on the list, walk through the Dollar Store… I’m serious!  They have some pretty great stuff in there that would make awesome pillow surprises. :)

I wish you luck and have FUN! 

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