Let's Make Some Pilgrim and Indian Hats for Turkey Day!

Pilgrim and Indian hats are the "cat's meow" (at least for kids) when it comes to Thanksgiving! 

My 7th or 8th Thanksgiving stands out most vividly in my mind.  My mom had been reading a crafting magazine and seen this craft where you could make pilgrim and Indian hats.  From there she decided that we should all some hats for the big day!  The boys would wear the Indian hats, the girls would wear the pilgrim bonnets and my dad and Grandfather would both wear the tall pilgrim “tophat.” 

It was so much fun!  We got to spend a whole afternoon with mom making these hats.  Then, we put them on a high shelf in the basement so that none of my younger siblings (who were still babies at the time) could reach them and destroy them!  When Thanksgiving dinner rolled around, we got them out and my sister and I handed them out to everyone to wear during the dinner.

So, that was just a little piece of inspiration to get you to make some pilgrim and Indian hats with your kids.  I’ve got some super easy directions for you to follow so you shouldn’t have any difficulties at all!

Step-By-Step Pilgrim and Indian Hats Instructions

Indian Hats

Out of the pilgrim and Indian hats, the Indian hats are the easiest of the three to make.  So, if you just want to keep things simple then just make a bunch of these.  Your kids will be whooping and hollering and having a great old time with these and they’ll never know the difference if you don’t make the others!

Supplies for the Indian Hats:


1.     First off you’re going to need to measure the size of people’s heads to make sure you don’t make your hats too small or too big.  So, take the tape measure and measure different individuals heads.  Write down the measurements on a piece of paper.

2.     Cut out the Indian band.  Each Indian Band should be about 2 inches wide or so.  Using the measurements that you wrote down, measure the construction paper and cut out the correct size for each person.  You might have to use more than one strip and staple them together to get the appropriate size.

3.     Staple the band together to make a circle.

4.     Next, cut out some feathers out of the red, yellow and brown construction paper.

5.     Staple the feathers in a cluster at the front of the Indian band

6.     Put on your Indian hat proudly and go hollering through the house!

Pilgrim Bonnet

For all of those sweet girls out there, let’s make a pilgrim bonnet!  When I made mine, I remember that I felt so pretty and special in it.  And, I actually felt like a real pilgrim lady! (a 2nd grader’s imagination can go wild!)              

Supplies for the Pilgrim Bonnet (it’s a short list which is great but you will probably have to plan it out for that large piece of construction/butcher paper):

  • White Paper – You should probably use butcher paper or a large piece of 12x18 construction paper. 
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • Hole Puncher
  • Ribbon


1.     Cut out your paper 12x18 or, you could use a regular size piece of paper if you are making the bonnet for toddler age

2.     Divide the sheet into 3rds, horizontally.  Then make two cuts in the paper. 

3.     Fold and glue down the opposite side of the paper to make a top crease for the bonnet.

4.     On the side that you cut slits in, glue the two outer sides in together.

5.     Fold the middle side down over the corners and glue/tape down

6.     Staple two strings of ribbon on either side of the bonnet.

7.     Put the bonnet on and tie it up and you’ll have a cute little pilgrim girl!

Pilgrim Hat

This is for all the boys at your Thanksgiving Party!  They might prefer to be little pilgrim men instead of Indians. 



1.     Use the template to cut out the top part of the Pilgrim Hat out of the black construction paper

2.     Next, use the base template to cut out the base for the hat out of the black construction paper

3.     Cut out the decorative band for the hat out of the brown construction paper.  Glue the band on the bottom of the hat

4.     Cut out the buckle and glue this on top of the brown band

5.     Now, you’ll need to cut out a band out of the black construction paper that will be the size to fit on a persons head.  Staple the ends together.

6.     Now, take the main part of the pilgrim hat and glue/tape it to the band.

7.     You have the perfect pilgrim hat for your little gentleman! 

This is definitely a fun thanksgiving craft to do with kids!  You could even have a craft party with your children’s friends and make these pilgrim and Indian hats!

I wish you lots of fun!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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