31 Days of Outside Fall Fun

Welcome to 31 days of outside Fall Fun! 

Fall is hands down my favorite season of all.  I remember walking home from school (I attended a small private school within walking distance of our house) and listening to the leaves crinkle under my feet!  I LOVED that sound! 

Fall now means having bonfires with my family.  It seems like Saturday evenings we all come together down at my parent’s house.  We’ve just finished a long day’s work of getting our houses clean, working on the yard, fixing cars, mowing the grass and all the other millions of tasks that come with home ownership.  :)  We then head down for dinner and a bonfire on Saturday night.  It’s just the perfect way to unwind after a long day.  Everyone sits and chats, the kids play as the night creeps in, and we sometimes roast marshmallows.  It’s just a super nice way to make some fall memories. 

So, here are a 31 Activities of outside Fall fun!  You don’t always have to get out there with them and do these activities with your kids.  You could just guide them along and give them ideas.  Or, print off my list, hang it on the fridge and let them check off the items as they do them. 

Outside Fall Fun

1.     Rake Leaves – OK…. I know this is a classic Fall project but, make it fun – have a leaf raking day with your family (check out my post…)

2.     Leaf Fight – start a war and throw leaves at each other!  It’ll be a little messy but it’s just so much fun!

3.     Go on a Nature Walk – take a walk through a nature park or your neighborhood.  Find five different fall objects – an acorn, pinecone, leaf, rock, a big stick…

4.     Take one last trip to the park before winter sets in – my kids love the park so it’s going to be a sad day when it’s too cold to go!  :(

5.     Read a book out under the tree in the yard – let your kids take a pile of books outside and read under a tree.  Or, you can tell them to go outside and read a book all together.

6.     Have a butterfly hunt – I’ve seen so many gorgeous butterflies lately.  My little boy loves watching them and runs all over the yard with them.

7.     Catch a grasshopper – grasshoppers are everywhere!  Catch one, put it in a jar with some sticks, leaf and grass.  Maybe try to catch two!

8.     Catch a Cricket – did you know that crickets can let you know what the temperature is outside?!  Listen to their chirp for 14 seconds, counting the number of times they chirp then add 40 to get the temperature outside.  Example: 22 chirps + 40 = 62 F

9.     Have a picnic – throw a blanket on the ground out in your backyard, plan a picnic lunch and head outside to enjoy it! 

10.  Play a game of Ghosts in the Graveyard – Essentially, this is hide and seek except in the dark.  With the sun going down earlier, the kids can play this game outside at 7:00 when it’s almost dark and have a ton of fun!

11.  Watch the monster spiders build their webs – OK…  Some of those Fall spiders are HUGE!!!  And their webs are absolutely incredible!  I was on a jog through the park the other night and could see one building its web as I ran by.  Kids just marvel at these creatures and their amazing skills. 

12.  Watch the Sunset – sun sets in the Fall are just gorgeous!  The sky is filled pink, purple, blue, orange… the colors are just gorgeous.  If you can find a nice hill or a field nearby it’s so worth it to take in a sunset. 

13.  Ride bikes in the driveway, alley, street, go on a bike ride

14.  Sip apple cider/apple juice – Head outside on a cool Fall morning and enjoy a mug of hot apple cider.

15.  Go to a local Orchard – go pick fruit at a local orchard.  The kids will then get to eat a healthy snack as well!

16.  Go to a cornmaze/pumpkin patch – Fall is a great time to head to a pumpkin patch and get pumpkins for your front porch or walkway.

17.  Water Balloon fight – during Indian Summer, the last bit of heat wave for the Fall, have one last epic water balloon fight

18.  Picnic breakfast – make some egg croissants, buy a box of donuts, get some hot chocolate and have a picnic breakfast in your yard or at a nearby park.

19.  Go bird watching – as flocks of birds start flying south for the winter, go bird watching and watch them fly away.

20.  Catch a caterpillar – put it in a jar and maybe it’ll make its cocoon and turn into a butterfly!

21.  Jump in Leaf Piles – rake some leaves into massive piles and run and jump into them.

22.  Build Leaf Houses – my brothers and sisters love to make leaf houses by raking the leaves into borders for a house with openings to a kitchen, living room, bedroom…

23.  Host a chili feed party for some outside fall fun – cook up a crockpot of chili and serve it outside with some cornbread. 

24.  Have a bonfire – it’s so cozy to warm up in the evening by a bonfire.  Just watch little ones around it! 

25.  Plant tulip bulbs – before the frost hits, plant some tulip bulbs, irises, or daffodils.  You might forget about them when the winter comes but once spring arrives you’ll see some beautiful flowers everywhere!

26.  Build a scarecrow – a great outside fall fun project!  Find 2 sticks to hold the body together.  Then, find an old pair of clothes – a shirt, some pants, some socks for the hands, and a hat.  You can stuff the scarecrow with hay, leaves or with plastic bags.  For the face, use a paper bag, stuff it and draw a face on it. 

27.  Create your own hay ride/leaf ride – find a wagon (a kid’s wagon works great) and fill it with leftover hay from your scarecrow.  Or, simplify your life and just fill the wagon with leaves.  Tote your kids around the yard, down the street or on a walk on their own little hay ride. :)

28.  Make Caramel Corn – (This does a involve some indoor time…)  Make the caramel corn but then, wrap it in cute bags and go on a walk and deliver it to your neighbors!  A very neighborly fall thing to do! 

29.  Play Pilgrims and Indians – make some Indian hats and let the imaginations run wild with a game of pilgrims and Indians outside.

30.  Go to the Farmer’s Market – This is one of my favorite outside Fall fun activities to do!  And, Fall is the perfect time to go buy some of locally grown produce and get the kids to experience a real market!

31.  Decorate the front porch – dust the front doorway, sweep the cobwebs off the porch and the siding, clean the windows, let the kids pick out some mums at the grocery store, put up a festive fall wreath and then, sit out there and sip some hot apple cider! 

Well, enjoy these outside fall fun activities with your kids!

Happy Fall, everyone!

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