8 Fantastic Outdoor Ball Games for Your Kids

Outdoor ball games for kids are probably one of the easiest games to organize when you have a group of children that you are trying to entertain during the summer. 

It seems like every year my mom ends up buying several balls for my younger siblings.  Inevitably, I also end up buying a few balls for my toddlers.  It’s just kind of hard to resist those massive bins of balls at Walmart…  And then I go yardsaling and always seem to end up buying a ball here and there… Anyways, it’s always great to have balls around for your kids to play with. 

So here are a few outdoor ball games for kids and hey, if you’re having a family get together, you may want to plan a few of these ball games for then!  

Outdoor Ball Games for Kids

1.       Dodge Ball – This outdoor ball game is great for playing with a large group of people.  Also, use a rubber or soft ball for this game.  I remember always playing this game in school and having such a fun time with it.  Have all the players stand in a large circle.  One to two people (depending on how many players there are) are chosen to run around in the middle of the circle.  The players making up the circle then try to hit “it” with the ball.  When hit, “it” takes the place of the person who hit him.  Play fast and do not permit players to throw the ball from within the circle. 

2.       Stool Ball – use a soft ball, a low stool or box.  Someone is chosen for the position of defender and takes his position behind the stool.  The other players, in turn, toe a line ten to fifteen feet away and try to hit the stool with the ball.  The defender bats it back with his hand, if he can.  If anyone succeeds in hitting the stool or box, they become the defender.  Or, if anyone catches the ball when the defender bats it back, they become the defender.

3.       Call Ball – With this outdoor ball game, players stand before a blank wall.  The first player tosses the ball against the wall, at the same time calling the name of another player.  That player catches the ball on the rebound and throws it the next time.  If the one called fails to catch the ball, the first player throws again, calling another player’s name. 

4.       Jinker – this is more of a Scottish game and is similar to the above game of Call Ball.  Have one of the players toss the ball against the wall (or a tree or a fence) and whoever catches the ball on the rebound becomes the “jinker.”  Immediately, all the other players run off to hide.  The jinker though chases after them and tries to hit one of the players before they hide.  Whoever is hit starts the game again, tossing the ball.

5.       Hole Ball – Dig holes in sand, the soft ground, even the snow so, play this at a park or in a large field.  The holes will need to be dug about 3 feet apart in a straight line.  You will need as many holes as there are players. All the players are given a number and the holes are numbered accordingly.  A score is set – say 25.  The first player takes his stand some eight to ten feet from the first hole and tosses the ball into one of the holes.  If the ball makes it into the hole that is marked with a 5, that counts five for him and the fifth player has his turn next… and so on…

6.       Roll Ball – This is similar to the above game of Hole Ball.  Each player is stationed beside his own hole.  The one who has the last hole steps back and rolls the ball into one of the holes.  The player into whose hole it falls takes it out quickly and tries to hit another player.  If he succeeds, that player must put a stone in his hole.  If he fails, the thrower must put a rock in his own hole.  Five rocks in a hole and the player is out.  After the first throw the next to last in line rolls the ball and the players go in turn up the row. 

7.       Kick Ball – this is just like baseball except the players kick a large ball. This outdoor ball game should be played on a large field.  You could even play it on a hill. The players are divided into two teams consisting of 5 players each.  The surface should look somewhat like a baseball diamond with the “pitcher” in the middle and the catcher behind home plate and the subsequent players on the 3 bases.  Once everyone takes their place, it is pretty much straightforward like baseball.  The players approach home plate and try to kick the ball on their turn.  Three outs and the second team is up to kicking.  Set a score and play to that number. 

8.       Greek Football – this game uses a football!  You can have any number of players playing this game but there should be an equal number of players for each side.  Draw two parallel lines.  The distance between the 2 lines will depend on the age of the players.  The point of the game is to send the ball over the opponents’ line by kicking it or striking it with the hands.  Tackling or running with the ball is not allowed.  Each time the ball makes it over the line, the team that threw the ball scores a point. 

Happy Ball Playing! 


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