Set up a Lemonade Stand in 7 Easy Steps!

Summer time calls for swimming, eating watermelon, playing softball and setting up a lemonade stand!  By following my 7 easy steps, your kids will be in business in no time and having fun while they’re at it!

1. Pick the Day and Gather the Supplies for a Lemonade Stand

If you want to be super organized about your whole lemonade stand, start planning it about 3 days in advance this way also, the kids can get excited about it and have fun looking forward to it.  Or, since I do a weekly grocery shopping, I write everything on the list about 1 week in advance so that the next time I head to the store, I can pick up everything that I need. 

Make sure that you decide on your lemonade flavor and whether or not you’ll be selling some cookies to go along with the lemonade.  

And, if you need some ideas about what you should actually get for your stand well, download my handy dandy supply checklist!  You should be all set once you get that printed off. 

2. Print off some Fancy Labels

To pull off a very cute lemonade stand, I’ve created some awesome and FREE labels that you can sign up for and download and print off!  You’ll find a label that you can attach to your lemonade pitcher or dispenser, a label to advertise prices on your lemonade and your cookies (if you decide to have cookies), and a pendant that you can string together and hang on your table.  There are also a few signs in there that you could hang up on the street corners to advertise or that you could carry in your hands up and down the block to show people passing by.

And if you don’t want to download my helper signs, well, make your own!  You could use construction paper, poster board, or some chalkboards to create some pretty cute lemonade stand signs.

3. Make the Lemonade

Now that the day has finally arrived to host your stand you can make up your first batch of lemonade.  Using instant lemonade can make it easy for the kids to figure out how much lemonade they will need to make for each pitcher.  If you are using a large dispenser though, you will probably have to help them figure out how much you are actually going to need…. 

Once you have the lemonade all made up you can attach the label to the pitcher/dispenser. 

4. Making some Cookies

Making cookies with your kids for their lemonade stand gives you all some connecting time in the kitchen.  I have a printable recipe for some oatmeal raisin cookies that are easy to make and that you might enjoy.  Also, going with oatmeal raisin cookies will prevent any chocolate from melting in the heat and making a mess!

When all the cookies are done baking, either wrap them up in saran wrap or lay them out on a nice tray so that people can take them easily. 

5. Set up the Table + Get some Chairs

You’re almost ready to have your first customers but before that can happen, set up the table, put a tablecloth on the table, set out some lemons for decoration, put up your pendant and round up some chairs for the kids to sit in while they are out at the stand. 

You’ll also want to get the napkins and money jar ready to go on the table.  With all of these items in place, you’re just about ready to put on a show!

6. Rehearse Manners

Having a lemonade stand is an excellent opportunity for kids to practice their manners.  They should be reminded to look at people in the eye, talk loud enough so that they can be heard, and say please and thank you.  Manners will get kids a long way and everyone always appreciates a well mannered kid.

7. Lay Everything out, Put on a Smile and Get Ready to Welcome Customers

With the table set up, the signs all in place, and the lemonade made, it’s time to bring out the lemonade and cookies.  Try not to slosh the lemonade everywhere as you’re transporting it out. 

Now, get on your cheery smile and greet customers warmly!

Have fun!

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