EASY Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins for Your Kids to Make!

These lemon poppy seed muffins are super easy for your kids to make all by themselves! 

I remember when I was just starting to learn how to cook, my mom would always have some very easy recipes and box mixes for us to use just so that we could be introduced into following a recipe, getting out ingredients and putting them all together.  Maybe you’ll think that it’s totally cheating if you use a box but having the excuse that you’re trying to get your kids to enjoy baking without being overwhelmed totally justifies the use of packaged goods. 

4 Reasons to Use a Box Mix with Kids

There are several reasons to consider using baking mixes or prepackaged dinners when it comes to introducing your child to the baking world:

1.       It’s Easyusing a box mix is very easy.  Usually it just consists of opening the package, reading the directions, and measuring out a few ingredients. 

2.       It’s not Overwhelming – new cooks can easily become very overwhelmed quickly!  They may take one look at a recipe and feel like it is just too daunting to undertake.  That’s why using a box mix usually eliminates several steps that a child may be too overwhelmed with. 

3.       Minimal Messwhen using a mix, normally you will only need one bowl to do the mixing with.  Having only one bowl to mix everything into helps reduce the amount of mess that is made and the amount of cleanup that has to follow.  Kid’s hate cleaning up and so the smaller the mess, the better, at least in my experience. 

4.       It’s Fast – new bakers are usually fairly slow in moving about and putting a recipe together.  Of course this is only because they are unfamiliar with the territory.  Nevertheless, using a box mix helps to speed up the process and get things into the oven quickly.  

Boxed Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

So, yes, the recipe that I have in this post uses a boxed mix for the lemon poppy seed muffins.  I usually pick up this mix at Walmart.  It’s the Martha White brand and it costs about $1/package.  Now, just to warn you, one package makes only about six muffins.  So if you want to have your child make about a dozen muffins then you’ll want to buy extra mixes.

The awesome part about this lemon poppy seed muffin mix is that you only have to add milk!  And so if you’re just having your child start baking these make awesome mixes to work with and only having to add one ingredient!  Plus, with my step-by-step picture instructions, your child should be able to make these muffins pretty much on their own! 

I always like to have a package of these lemon poppy seed muffins in my house so that I can easily whip up a batch for my family.  Also, my sister (10) who is very new to baking can make these all by herself!

Alright, head to the store and buy a package of these and have your kids put them together for you for dinner or breakfast!  These lemon poppy seed muffins also make great snacks for your kids to take with them in their lunch or for their after-school/before dinner appetizer. 

I wish you many happy memories baking muffins in the kitchen with your kids!