Have your Kids take the 31 Day Kindness Challenge

I have an AWESOME challenge for your kids to take – a Kindness Challenge plus there is a FREE list of kindness ideas/checklist to sign up for!

Nothing is quite as rewarding as being kind, generous, going above and beyond and doing nice things for your family, friends, neighbors or even a complete stranger on the street. 

Christmas time is usually the time when everyone goes around smiling, giving donations, baking goodies and spreading good cheer everywhere they go.  But, we shouldn’t leave out the whole rest of the year from being kind. 

One of my sisters recently left our small town to take a nanny position in Europe.  She needed some new luggage but felt like she just couldn’t afford anything else with all the other expenses that were cropping up.  So, I took it upon myself to buy her a piece from L.L.Bean.  I knew that it would be guaranteed to last in case anything ripped, tore or broke on it so I figured that it would definitely be worth the investment.  When the box came I put it up on her bed and when she got home from work she was in utter shock at what she found.  I’m not trying to brag in the least bit but, doing that small act of kindness definitely made me so happy and glad that I had done it! 

With that being said, I figure that if it can make me that happy doing something kind for a person, everyone can definitely benefit from being just a little kinder – especially kids! 

So, I am going to present to you a challenge for your kids:  Take the next month and try to do 1 kind act for a family member, friend, or stranger once a day.

Benefits of a Kindness Challenge

Here are the top 6 benefits to embarking with your kids on a Kindness challenge:

1.     It teaches generosity – everyone is inclined to think of themselves before others.  It takes a real effort to put someone else in front of you.  So, doing something simple like a kindness challenge, gently introduces the idea to kids and helps them see the way they should format their lives.

2.     Kind acts make the doer a happier individual – I notice this a lot with my siblings.  When they do something nice for each other, they are happier for the rest of the day.  And I’m sure that your kids will also become happier after performing kind acts.

3.     People think highly of a kind person – when someone acts kindly or generously towards others, people always talk well about that person.  I’ve heard it so many times from my siblings when they talk about some of their friends and how “she’s just such a nice, sweet person.”  And, when they talk about you they usually smile :)

4.     Kind acts make you feel good about yourself – this is very similar to #2 but it’s because you feel good about yourself that makes you a happier person.  Doing something kind always leaves me with some warm fuzzy feelings inside and my little sister says the same thing!

5.     Sometimes it’s a challenge – and this point especially applies to kids.  Sometimes there’s that certain individual that they just don’t care for and really don’t want to be nice to.  That’s something that is perfect material for a kindness challenge and when kids are kind to that sort of person they feel even more proud of their accomplishment of being kind. 

6.     Kindness makes people much better individuals - by taking the effort to be kind, kids learn a little bit something about themselves along the way and become better human beings. 

Of course there are many more benefits to having your kids take a kindness challenge but these are just a few of the top ones. 

How to Prepare for this Challenge

Get ready for this challenge by following these 3 super duper easy steps:

1.     Download my super FREE kindness checklist chart (there’s a list of 31 ideas on it to help you get started!) that will keep the kids on track and make it a little bit more fun.  You can sign up for it either on the right hand side of this page or scroll down to the bottom to get the chart. 

2.     Pick your start date – the first of a month is usually a great time to start.  But if your month just started then start at the beginning of the next week or pick the middle of the month to start…  It’s pretty flexible (as all challenges are)

3.     No supplies needed – that’s why this challenge is awesome!  You don’t have to buy anything for your kids!  Maybe though you could treat them to ice cream or plan a fun dessert for the end of the month or buy them that new video game they’ve been wanting if they are able to stay on track. 

OK…  that’s just about it!  I wish you and your children loads of fun with this kindness challenge! 

Now, let’s begin!

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