Kids Swimming Lessons

Kids swimming lessons are one of the most valuable experiences that any parent or caregiver can give to a child. 

With swimming lessons, kids learn to have more confidence around the water and they also learn to be safe in the water and to not take chances.

The younger you start kids out on swimming lessons, the better it is for the kids because they are then more likely to not be as scared of the water. 

I have known many people who don’t know how to swim and are actually afraid of the water because of their lack of knowledge and skill in the water. 

Benefits of Kids Swimming Lessons

There are many benefits to having kids take swimming lessons. 

  • Builds Confidence – I mentioned this above but it is just so incredible how their confidence skyrockets when they know how to swim.  And, of course this isn’t only seen in the swimming area but in all areas of their lives. 
  • Teaches kids what to do in an emergency in the water – kids swimming lessons always incorporate safety in the water and what to do in case of something happening in the water. 
  • Helps with social skills – being in a class with other kids is a great way for kids to interact with new people.  Usually the kids in the class are not the same ones that are in school with your kids and so it helps kids to open up to others of their own age. 
  • Great Physical Activity – Most kids love to swim and don’t even realize that they are exercising at the same time.  So, it is a great way for them to get their heart pumping and adrenaline rushing.  :)

What age to start Swimming Lessons?

Kids can start learning to swim at a very young age.

I was actually amazed to see swim lessons offered for babies as young as 6 months!  I don’t know how they could actually teach a baby that young anything but I guess they must be able to accomplish something.  :)

My mom started my sister and me off when we were just going into kindergarten. 

At the age of 5 kids are reaching a more mature phase in their life and are ready to dive into the world of swimming (pun intended :)). 

However, even if you don’t start off kids swimming lessons when they are young, it is never too late to put them in.  The older they get, the better off they might be with a friend or someone else that they know or are familiar with. 

How about You teaching your own Kids how to swim? :)

If you have your own swimming pool you can teach your kids to swim.

There are some great instruction books available for purchase that teaches kids how to swim. 

Picking up one of these books and then with you acting as the instructor makes taking swimming lessons more fun for kids because they get to have mom or dad as the teacher!

My mom did teach some of my younger siblings how to swim using a great book that she borrowed from a friend. 

Of course it does help if you yourself has taken swimming lessons before because then you’ll at least understand what they are talking about when they tell you to train them for the butterfly stroke.  :)

Also, if you teach your kids yourself the art of swimming, you’ll save on the cost of the tuition for swim lessons. 

In my town, swimming lessons cost about $35/individual so it isn’t too pricey but I know in some cities they can charge $70-80.  So, if you have more than one that needs kids swimming lessons, investing in a swimming lesson book might be a great idea for you! 

Another great part about teaching kids swimming lessons is the fact that you get some exercise also!  And with already hectic lives and schedules you can get your own exercise done at the same time while teaching your kids. 

Have fun with swimming lessons!

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