An Easy Kid's Spring Craft

Spring’s in the air so let’s have fun doing a kid’s spring craft! And to top it off, this craft is super easy!

The other day I was driving through my neighborhood and I saw someone with some paper snowflakes that they had taped to their window.  Obviously, what a cute idea for wintertime and Christmas but I thought, hey, how about we do something similar to that for the springtime?!  Also, that would make a fantastic kid's spring craft!

Supplies for the Easy Kid's Spring Craft:

You really don’t need much to create this easy kid's spring craft and you probably have everything already in the house to get this done today!

Here’s your list:

1.       Scissors

2.       Craft paper, scrapbook paper, construction paper, computer paper even!

3.       My set of templates that you can sign up for below.

4.       Double Sided Tape (regular tape also works just as well)

5.       Pencils for tracing the templates with

So, get this all together, print off my templates and you’ll be well on your way to spruce up your home for springtime.

Before You Get Started

I guess you want to know what’s included in the kid's spring craft template package that I have available for you guys?!  Well, there are 5 different templates for you to cut out and use to trace onto the scrapbook paper. 

And what are the templates?  Well, the templates for this easy kid’s spring craft consist of items that are found in the spring so, a bird, butterfly, tulip, daisy, and another different shaped flower.

Of course you can create your own templates to use but in case you don’t want to just grab mine in one of the buttons. 

How to do this craft:

There are 4 simple steps to getting this easy kid’s spring craft done.

1.       Print off the templates and cut them out so that they are ready to use.

2.       Pick a piece of scrapbook paper to use and trace one of the templates onto the paper.

3.       Cut your design out

4.       Add a piece of tape to the back of your design and stick it to your window

And with that you’re done! 

I suggest that you cut out enough objects for you to decorate a window with.  In my case, I decided to decorate my patio doors with this springtime scene and so I had to cut out quite a few designs.  But we had a lot of fun and my kids loved taping them to the doors!

Ways to make this fun for your kids

Since you’re doing this for the kids, make it a fun craft, something that they will look forward to.

1.       Set up the day that you are going to put together your bulletin board or window or patio door. Plan ahead and mention it from time to time.  My kids, since they are younger, love a visual and I will let them know that in “X” amount of days we will be doing the craft.  That way they have something fun that they know is coming up.

2.       Plan a fun snack to have while you are putting the craft together or for when the craft is done.

3.       Listen to some music to get everyone in a happy mood. 

4.       Print off the templates beforehand so the kids can cut them out for you or look at (if they are younger).

Happy Spring! 

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