Take the 21 Day Kids Spring Challenge!

Springtime is here and what better way to start the springtime off than with a kid’s spring challenge!  Yes, it’s wet and rainy but the trees are in full bloom, the tulips are popping up, daffodils shine their bright yellow petals.  And the kids are all itching to get outside. 

So, I’ve created a challenge.  Challenges can be so much fun and they have numerous benefits.  Some of these benefits include:

1.       Determination – you have to stick with something for a specific amount of time.

2.       Make Positive Changes – challenges help people to become more active or healthier or read more (pssst…. Check out the other challenges I’ve created for reading, and healthier snacktime!)  all of these changes are good changes that benefit one’s overall well-being. 

3.       Challenges make People Feel Good about Themselves – it enhances their wellbeing and makes people happier.  Challenges in our case are more for parents and caregivers to stay on track and feel like they’ve actually accomplished something fun or educational for their children.

Purpose of This Challenge

There are 4 reasons why you should have your kids take this kid’s spring challenge:

1.       Gives your kids something exciting to do each day.  Now, maybe you’ve decided not to work on this challenge every day but maybe every 3 days.  It just gives the children something to look forward to.

2.       Will help the children do activities that are inexpensive or FREE!  Every parent likes a free activity. So, the majority of these activities are free but there are some (like blowing bubbles) that will require a small fee. 

3.       Help get the children out of the house and into the great outdoors.  Many of these kids spring challenge activities will have your children out and enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

4.       This challenge gives your children independence.  Maybe you just have to keep an eye on them while they pick their wildflowers.  But, as long they don’t wander off too far they will feel carefree and independent. 

The 21 Kids Spring Challenge Ideas

1.       Pick Wildflowers – head to a nature park and pick any wildflowers that are growing.  They can make some beautiful bouquets that the kids can then put in their rooms. 

2.       Go to a Tulip Park – we have a park close to us that is known for its beautiful tulips.  They even host a yearly tulip festival that is lots of fun for kids of all ages!

3.       Make Easter Cupcakes – there’s a fun page on the perfect Easter cupcakes to make with your kids in this kid’s spring challenge!

4.       Clean out your Bedroom – Kids can do their own cleaning here… and yes, this is probably the least exciting kids spring challenge activity! 

5.       Plant some flowers – our local garden center just had a crazy sale and were selling plants for $0.99.  These would be so fun for kids to plant in small pots.  Or, buy a seed packet of flowers and have your kids plant them in your garden or pot.

6.       Set up a Bird Feeder – it is always lots of fun to watch birds come to your bird feeder for food!

7.       Hang a Wind Chime – you can find lots of fun wind chimes to hang out in your yard.

8.       Make a Sun Catcher – there are lots of fun crafts to paint your own suncatcher.  Have your kids paint their own and hang it in a window to make beautiful rainbows on your floor. 

9.       Rake out the leaves – now that spring is finally coming around, have your children gently rake out the leaves that are around your plants, protecting them from the frost. 

10.   Go to the Zoo – kids of all ages will enjoy a trip to the zoo.  It’s also a very educational activity and can be enjoyed by the whole family!

11.   Go see the Baby Chicks – your local farming supply store probably just received a shipment of baby chicks!  They are so fun to go and look at and it’s a free activity! 

12.   Have a Picnic at a Lake – pack up a fun lunch and take it out to a local lake!  It’s probably still too cold to swim but it’s relaxing to just sit by the lake, eat a fun meal and skip rocks!  Bring a jump rope, kick ball and smores supplies for a fun day!

13.   Let Balloons go to the Sky – Your local dollar store probably sells helium balloons.  Pick up a bunch and let your kids watch them float up to the sky. 

14.   Fly a Kite – when you go to the lake or if you’re heading to an open park, take your kite with you and fly it.

15.   Go to a Fruit Farm – head to a local fruit farm and pick some home grown produce!

16.   Paint Pictures Outside – set up a painting station outside so your kids can paint and enjoy the sunshine of the springtime.

17.   Play Hopscotch – draw the hopscotch pattern on the sidewalk and have your kids play the fun game!

18.   Jump Rope – I remember always loving to do jump rope.  My sister was considered the “Jump Rope Queen.”  On one occasion she jumped 1500 jumps in about 30 minutes.  It was quite epic at the time! 

19.   Blow Bubbles – my kids love chasing the bubbles.  And, I enjoy blowing all those bubbles as well. 

20.   Have a Firepit – One of my favorite outdoor investments is our family’s firepit. It’s such a relaxing family activity. 

21.   Go Rock Collecting – you can find lots of different rocks out in the wilderness.  Have a contest to see who can find the most unique rocks.

Have lots of fun in this kids spring challenge!  And if you want to make this spring challenge into a printable chain then sign up for my freebie below! 

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