Kids Reading Games

By using your imagination you can come up with some kids reading games for them to be encouraged even more about reading.

All kids love playing games and games are a great way to keep children occupied during the day.  So, help them to learn as they play these kids reading games.

1. Puppets

Kids love having puppets that they can play with and create their own stories with and puppets are a great way for them to open up their imagination.

Sock puppets that you can add things to are probably the best kind of puppet to have.  With a sock puppet, children have the ability to go from being the Big Bad Wolf, to being Little Red Riding Hood, or the Grandmother.

When I was younger, my sister and I had our own puppet set.  It came with a cardboard stage and several mock plays that we could perform.  The puppets were also plain sock puppets that we would add a crown, cape, sword, wolf ears, and an array of other items to.  Then, we would put on small performances on Sunday afternoons for our parents.  I definitely remember getting some good laughs from them!  :)

And what do puppets have to do with kids reading games?

Well, you can use the puppets to reenact the stories in your child’s school book that he is reading.  The child can either act the story out while he/she is reading it or, wait until he is finished reading and then let him act the story out with his puppets.

It can be very entertaining watching kids with their puppets! 

2. Younger Kids Reading Games - Draw Characters on your Fingers

Trying to capture the attention span of toddlers who are just starting off in the world of reading can be a bit of a challenge at times.

They’re so cute and eager to hear stories that sometimes their enthusiasm can be overwhelming – even for them!

To help kids channel their energy, try to incorporate a kids’ reading game for them while they are listening to you. Taking a black sharpie, draw on your thumbs and fingers different main characters that are in the story.  Then, whenever one of the characters has lines in the story, stand that character up and have them do the talking in a special voice.

This kids reading game always generates smiles on the faces of young little readers and wannabe readers.  :)

3. A Reading Game with Index Cards

With this kids reading game you grab a pile of index cards and write on each one a word.  When you put all of the index cards together in the right order, they will make up one complete sentence.

So, if you have an index card with “The dog ran after the brown cat.”  Write each separate word down on an index card.  Mix the index cards up and then have your child put the words in order.

Yes, you can make up your own sentences but also take a sentence out of a story that you just read.  That way, the sentence will have a little bit more meaning to the child.  Through this, the child will be able to better comprehend what he has just read and he will also learn about sentence structure.

4. Bingo

This is a fun game to play with kids who are just starting out on their reading journey.  And, best of all, I have created for you 10 free bingo cards that you can download and print off for your children.

Bingo is a great game to play with other beginning readers so, find some in your neighborhood or your local church, mom’s group or wherever and plan a bingo site words game afternoon.

You can have snacks and play a few rounds of site word bingo!

How to play?  Well, you as the mom/educator/caregiver or whoever you are, are the moderator.  You will call our the random words that the children then have to search for on their cards.  The first child to get five in a row (whether going across, down or diagonally) wins that round of bingo!

A few prizes will make you look like an awesome person so make sure to pick up a couple of little things before you have your game day! 

5. Crosswords and Word Searches

Great kids reading games come about only if kids truly enjoy working on them and incorporating them into their reading.

Crossword puzzles and word searches that you create yourself are fun reading games for kids who are a little bit older.

There are websites on the internet that allow you to create your own word searches.

I like to use this website when we are reading a story.  I’ll pull some key words from the story and add them to my word search.  The website also allows you to make your puzzle as big or small as you want (and this is a very nice feature).

So, when I am done reading a story with a group of kids, I’ll print off my word search and they love working on them!  It’s a great reading activity and an easy way to keep kids busy and occupied.

To create your own word searches for stories that you’re reading or just to have fun on your own with, visit the following link

6. Recording Your Voice

Kids love to hear what they sound like so, why not have them read aloud and record their voice into their computer, tablet, iPad, or whatever other device you might have that has voice recording capabilities.

This is one of the most popular kids reading games because the children can play back their recording and hear their voice and what it sounds like.  Like I said above, children LOVE hearing their own voices!

Also, if they make mistakes as they read along, recording and hearing their mistakes will encourage them to try again and keep on trying until they have read the passage perfectly.

7. Comic Books

If you have a child that just isn’t interested in reading, try presenting some good comic books to him.  Usually, the child will latch right on to the humor found in comic books and will actually start to enjoy reading.

A favorite comic strip of all times is Calvin and Hobbes and it is especially funny for kids to read.  This particular comic strip is so applicable to a child’s life and how nothing really ever goes the way a child imagines it to go.

So, go to the library and check out a few comic books for your kids and more than likely they will become more excited about reading and venture into more thought provoking material.  :)

8. Puzzle Words

This kids reading game is for those beginner readers who are just starting with their sight words.  Take one of the sight words that you are working on and spell it out on a piece of construction paper.

Then, cut the letters of the word out in different shapes.  This creates your puzzle.  Your child can then piece together the pieces of the puzzle to form the sight word and read it.

You can also do this game with a word that the child is having difficulty with and keeps stumbling on.  This way, you can reinforce the word that the child is finding challenging.

9. Matching Game - Concentration

This is another sight word game.  And actually, I have a free printable that you can download, print off and cut up.

You will have the site words, 2 of each one.  Cut them apart from each other and then turn all of them over to the blank side of the paper.  Then have your child make matches of each of the sight words. This kids reading game not only improves your child’s reading skills but also his concentration skills as well.

10. Cereal Box Word Find

Use your cereal box for a fun kids reading game!  Tell your child a word that he needs to find on the box.  Then, the kid can eat his cereal and find the word that you have told him to find.

Obviously you will want to find words appropriate to the age of the child.  And you can add a little more excitement to this game by putting a 30 second time limit on the word search.

11. Fill in the Blank Story

Let your child be the writer and print off the printable fill in the blank story that I have in the link below.

Fill in the blank story

This kids reading game helps your child with his reading and writing skills!  (You get a 2 for 1 combo – Yay! :))

Many giggles and laughs can come from this as your child uses his imagination to fill in the words to his story. 

12. Read in Different Voices

Yes, this reading game requires you, the parent to use your creative side and read stories to your child in different voices – Darth Vader anyone?

It can be a challenge – you’ll feel like you’re so exhausted by the end of it all but reading in different voices to your child makes reading lots more fun and exciting for your child.  So transform yourself into Darth Vader or Lightning McQueen, Snow White or any other character that your child loves and read the story using that individual’s specific voice.

Seriously, this can be a lot of fun! 

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