30 Day Read to your Kids Challenge

So, you want to read more to your kids.  You know that what everyone says about the benefits of reading out loud to your children. Their vocabulary improves, they learn what different things are, they are better able to follow directions and listen.  And yet, you still seem to struggle to find time to read out loud to them… 

FACT: Only 17% of parents read to their kids of ages 9-11! 

Now, I know that you want to be a better parent – what parent doesn’t want to always try to improve the approach they are taking towards their kids?!  We all get so busy and wrapped up in the small stuff like checking our email, surfing the web a little longer than we maybe should, hitting up craigslist for the 5th time that day.  Well, find those small moments and put them together and you’ll probably be surprised at just how much time you could take out to read for your kids.

Ok… so…. The goal of this challenge is simple: to get you to take 15 minutes out of your day for 1 month and read out loud to your kids.  And when you’re finished with the month, do something totally awesome for yourself – like buy that new shirt you’ve been eyeing up or treat yourself to that gourmet dessert at your favorite restaurant just do something small for yourself as well.

The real benefit in participating in the challenge will come from the fact that your kids will love you even more and the eagerness that you see in their eyes when it comes to the daily reading time will make you want to keep on going for their sake! 

Doesn’t that make it all worth it?!  Yes, it does. 

OK, so just how hard is this Kids Reading Challenge?

Well, of course it’s not very hard at all.  It just takes a commitment from you for one month to read every day for 15 minutes to your kids.  That’s it! 

You should try to set up a time that is best for everyone.  If you are reading to toddlers, maybe right after the afternoon nap is the best time for you to put in those 15 minutes – they are usually pretty calm and just want some attention.   But, maybe right before bedtime in the evening will work best for you or maybe 10:30 in the morning along with the mid-morning snack.  Whenever the time try to stick with that time the entire month that way you won’t be tempted to put it off and put it off until the day is over and you realize that you didn’t do it.  Of course if you initially find that the time you set aside isn’t working out for you then by all means, try a different time. 

If you’re reading to older children you might want to focus on just one book and read for either 15 minutes or 1 chapter.  If you’re reading to younger kids, then you might want to make up a list of different books that you can go through, one for each day.  So, the reading might only take you 5 minutes, but it might take the whole 15 minutes.  The point is that you’re reading out loud to your kids and they are enjoying it!

How do I get ready for this challenge?

Get ready for this challenge by following these super duper easy steps:

  1. Pick your start date – this doesn’t have to be the 1st of a month it could be the 12th of the month and you go until the 12th of the following month.  All you have to do is go 30 days…
  2. Once you’ve picked your starting date, give yourself about a week to figure out what books you’re going to read.  Go to the library, go to Project Gutenburg for some free books that you can download/print off, order some books from the Kindle.  Oh and hey – I have a list of 10 books that I suggest for toddlers, preschoolers and kids ages 5-10 so check that out.
  3. Sign up for the challenge worksheets and print off (that’s where you’ll find some of my suggested books if you need some help.)
  4. Sit down with a cup of coffee, pat yourself on the back and relax because you’re about to do something totally epic for your kids! 

Down below you’ll be able to sign up for this challenge and receive your free printable worksheet to fill in.  And like I mentioned above, you’ll be able to also have access to a list of 10 books that I suggest for a few different age groups of kids – in case you need some help.

Now, let’s begin!

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