Have a Kids Pizza Party

I love having kids pizza party and I loved being a member of a kids pizza party!  I always usually start with a story so, here’s another one for your pleasure.

High school has left in my memory bank some fantastic times of having pizza parties!  That was the thing to do I guess.  All my friends would get together at one person’s house and we’d make up big huge pizzas, do our hair up in crazy ways and watch funny movies!  It was always such a fun time and great to think back on! 

Now, I watch my younger siblings host their own pizza parties.  They make up personal pizzas and everyone adds their own sauce and toppings.  Because it’s usually the girls volleyball team that my sisters are having over, everyone eats a lot and talks even more!  :)

With the most recent pizza party that my sisters hosted, I realized that hosting a kid’s pizza party would really not be that much work.  Have everything prepped before hand and the party should come off without a hitch! 

So, are you ready to let your kids host a pizza party?!!  You will be by the end of this post! 

Step-by-Step Kids Pizza Party Instructions

Let’s make this super easy!  I’ve numbered everything for you to easily host your own kids pizza party.

1.     Figure out the guest list.  Narrow down the number of kids that you are going to invite.  That’s going to help you figure out the whole rest of the party.  :)

2.     Print up the invitations (using the invitation template that I have for you in that handy dandy pizza party packet down below) and deliver them to the kids

3.     Figure out the supplies – do you need flour, paper plates, paper cups, napkins… What are you going to have to drink?

4.     The day of the pizza party you’re going to need to clean the house, get it all ready for kids to come trooping through it (or maybe you should wait on the cleaning until after the party :))

5.     Get the dough ready.  You’ll need to prepare this in advance.  Shape it into small personal size pizzas.  When you have it shaped up into the crust, prebake the crust so that you’ll have a faster cooking time later on.

6.     Cut up all the toppings.  If you’re having sausage on the pizza, precook it.  Put the toppings all in their own separate bowls and store in the refrigerator until the party time.

7.     Get the pizza sauce all ready to go in a bowl.

8.     Put the cheese in a bowl.

9.     If you use any spices – oregano, basil, garlic powder – set them out.

10.  Hang up the pendant sign that you get in my FREE party kit, print up the topping labels.

11.  About 20 minutes before the party, start setting out all the toppings on the counter.  Get the crusts ready.  Set out the cups, plates, silverware, drinks. 

12.  When the kids start to arrive, create an assembly line and get the kids going on topping up their crusts.  Of course if your kids are younger, you’re going to have to help them put their pizzas in and get them out of the oven. 

13.  You can put multiple pizzas in the oven at a time.  The pizzas can go directly on the rack if you want or you can put them on a cookie sheet or pizza stone (I absolutely LOVE my pizza stone - especially for grilling pizza!). 

14.  Pull out the pizza cutter and let the kids cut their pizza.

15.  Fire up some music with the kids’ favorite Pandora playlist.

16.  Maybe play some games or let the kids play on their own.

That’s pretty much it!  You shouldn’t have any problem at all when hosting your kids pizza party. 

And, don’t forget, if you want some decorations to make the scene a little more festive, sign up for my FREE pizza party kit! 

Have fun!!!

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