10 Kids Exercise Games

Kids exercise games are an enticing way to get your kids interested and hopefully form a lifelong habit of exercise. 

We all know that staying active and getting exercise is important to living a healthy and fulfilling life.  Kids for the most part are fairly active and don’t necessarily need to be encourage to go out and exercise.  However, there are many kids who spend too much time playing video games or watching movies/TV.  Maybe you would like to see your kids get just a small amount of exercise and then go back to being sedentary. 

So today I want to talk to you about the benefits of kids exercise games, how you can incorporate these into your daily routine, and what these exercise games consist of.  Now of course we aren’t aiming for full-fledged mini body builders here.  The goal of this post is just give you some different ideas as far as how to make exercise a little bit fun.

4 Benefits

1.       Improves Mood – Anyone who has ever gone out and exercised knows that their mood improves dramatically after they are finished.  I did a span of running and while I’m not a die-hard runner, I always felt so much better after a run (even if I hadn’t wanted to do it before I’d gone out…) So, maybe your kids are being a little bit grumpy, well, challenge them to one of the 10 exercise games below and watch their moods improve.

2.       Increases Their Attention Span – getting up and moving around helps everyone to be able to refocus on the task on hand.  So, if you are a homeschool mom or a teacher in a classroom or maybe you’re babysitting some kids who just won’t listen to you – whatever the situation, having children perform a few simple exercises will help them to refocus on the task that you need them to focus on. 

3.       Keeps Kids Entertained – by turning exercise into exercise games puts a fun twist on the actual exercising part.  Kids thrive off of fun activities and by turning exercising into something that is enjoyable helps them to see that there isn’t any drudgery involved in it. 

4.       Helps Build Stronger Muscles and Bones – with any kind of movement, muscles and bones are always in play.  Since kids are constantly growing their muscles and bones need to be strengthened now and the best way to do this is with kids exercise games!

10 Kids Exercise Games

1.       Play Hopscotch – a classic game.  On a large section of sidewalk (or even in the basement :)) draw a large square with chalk.  Inside the square write the number 1.  Then directly on top of this square center two connected squares and write the numbers 2 and 3 respectively.  Continue on until you come to 10 or you want to quit.  Once the “board” is drawn, have your kids hop on one leg on the one square and both legs when there are two squares.  This will definitely wake your kids up, improve their agility and concentration.  Also it helps raise those heart rates.  Make this into a game by timing each player and seeing if they can beat the previous time. 

2.       Jumping Rope – a fantastic aerobic game.  Count how many jumps your child can do before tripping on the rope.  My sister is known for her 30 minutes of jumping without stopping for a grand total of about 1500 jumps!  How’s that for exercise?!

3.       Bouncing a Ball While Going out on a Walk – This requires some practice and concentration but have your kids head out on a walk through the neighborhood, bouncing a ball along the way.  It’s a good mind clearing exercise game and enhances agility. 

4.       Jumping Jack Race – this is just the traditional jumping jack but how about making it into a race.  If there are other siblings close enough in age, have them race against each other from one point to another, doing jumping jacks along the way.  Otherwise, set the time and try to beat it and with each subsequent race try to beat your best time. 

5.       Running across the Yard Kicking the Ball – This kids exercise game is similar to the jumping jack race but instead of doing jumping jacks from one point to another kick a ball from one point to another.  Again, race against others or race against the clock!

6.       Bouncing a Tennis Ball against the Garage Door – I loved doing this when I was younger!  My mom encouraged us to try to play tennis and so we would head out to our driveway and hit those balls against the garage door.  It got us running around and kind of learning how to play tennis.  Once she (my mom) saw that we were interested in tennis enough, she allowed us to take tennis lessons – something that I’ll always remember fondly and am grateful to have the skill.

7.       Play a Game of Basketball – this is a very informal kids exercise game.  Just get your kids outside tossing hoops and moving around.  You can make this competitive by seeing who can toss the most hoops or playing a game of PIG or Around the World.

8.       Hop on One Leg from One Point to Another – this kid’s exercise game is one of agility and balance.  It can also produce some good laughs as you watch your kids hop from one side of a room to another.  Make this fun by setting the timer and trying to beat the timer or racing kids against each other. 

9.       Skipping Race – Just like the above race, have your kids skip from one point to another.  All of these games are great to use for younger children who need to learn how to hop and skip and they are also great for older kids, providing them some awesome, heart racing exercise!

10.   Windmill Race – have your kids become their own windmills, twirling their arms around and running from point A to point B.  Again, if there are multiple kids, have them race each other or set the timer and have them race against the timer. 

I hope that these kids exercise games will inspire you to get your kids up and moving around even if it’s just for a small span of time. 


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