Kids Cooking Activities - 70 Mind Pricking Ways You Can Get Your Child Involved in the Kitchen

70 Kids cooking activities – that’s what I’ve come up with as ways to inspire you get your kids involved in the kitchen!  As time goes along I will add to this list but here’s what I’ve got for now.

Some of my favorite childhood memories come from my time spent with my mom or sisters and brothers in the kitchen.  I loved it when mom would ask me to stir a pot on the stove.  I know my siblings love it when I ask them now to stir the stuff on the stove.  My mom would also assign us different chores to do to help get ready for meal time.  One person was in charge of actually making the meal while the others would have to set the table, empty the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen and so on…

What I’ve come to learn is that kids cooking activities don’t have to just involve actual cooking.  There are so many other tasks going on in a kitchen that a child is more than capable of handling.  That is what this list is all about.  It includes many different ideas of ways that you can occupy your child in the kitchen. And, if you want this kids cooking activities list in printable format, sign up for a FREE copy below or on the side.  That way you can print it up and put it on your fridge to remind you of little ways your kids can help you! 

And, if you’re looking for actual cooking projects to do with the kids in the kitchen, check out a few of these other pages:

70 Kids Cooking Activities

So, here’s that list of 70 different kids cooking activities:

1.     Spray with pam the cooking pans, skillet

2.     Wipe off counters

3.     Roll cookie dough

4.     Put muffin liners in muffin pans

5.     Measure out ingredients carefully

6.     Get out the measuring cups and spoons

7.     Set out all ingredients that you need for a recipe

8.     Cut up vegetables for a salad

9.     Make a pitcher of water for the table

10.  Set out the dinner plates

11.  Set out silverware

12.  Fix the drinks for the meal

13.  Stir the pot on the stove

14.  Crack eggs

15.  Grate cheese

16.  Knead the dough

17.  Set out the mixer

18.  Set out mixing bowls

19.  Set out spices

20.  Clean the microwave

21.  Spray the counters with a cleaner

22.  Sweep the floor

23.  Mop the floor

24.  Wipe the cupboards off

25.  Clean out the toaster

26.  Butter the toast

27.  Make scrambled eggs

28.  Clean out the cupboards

29.  Clean out the drawers

30.  Organize the fridge

31.  Wash the fridge exterior

32.  Put the hot pads in the laundry

33.  Get out fresh was cloths

34.  Set out napkins for the meal

35.  Wipe off the outside of the oven

36.  Rinse out the sink

37.  Wash the dishes

38.  Put dishes in the dishwasher

39.  Dry the dishes

40.  Put big dishes away

41.  Stir the flour mixture (of whatever you’re making)

42.  Stir the batter

43.  Set out the salad dressing

44.  Get out a big spoon/knife to serve the main dish

45.  Set out plates for the meal

46.  Set the timer for what needs to go in the oven

47.  Fill a pot with water if you need to boil noodles

48.  Open cans

49.  Open packages of ingredients

50.  Wipe off front of dishwasher

51.  Rinse off vegetables

52.  Rinse off fruit

53.  Wash potatoes

54.  Start the dishwasher

55.  Put groceries away

56.  Form hamburger patties

57.  Put fries on a cookie sheet

58.  Help plan out a menu for a week of meals

59.  Pour muffin batter into the muffin cups

60.  Cut out the cookie dough

61.  Drop biscuits on the cookie sheet

62.  Put vegetables in a pot to cook with water

63.  Help dish up dinner

64.  Empty the table of the dishes

65.  Preheat the oven

66.  Empty the dishwasher

67.  Soak pots and pans that are hard to wash

68.  Put leftovers in containers and put in the fridge

69.  Wipe off the spices and put away

70.  Refill and wipe off the flour and sugar containers/canisters.

So, hopefully you'll take this list and apply it to your kitchen.  You'll actually probably be amazed at just how helpful kids can be in the kitchen.  And you're kids are actually going to be having fun while they are helping you (they probably won't even realize that they are doing work!) It's a win-win situation for everyone.

I wish you many happy times in the kitchen with your family!