Kids Circus Party

Hosting a kids circus party is definitely a different approach on parties for kids.  It’s so festive and fun and there are millions of different ways to be creative with a circus party so let’s get going and help you planning the ultimate party! 


You’re going to want some super cute kid’s circus party invitations and Amazon has the perfect set of circus invitations for you to send out.  Or, create your own invitations on the computer and print off on some construction paper.

Now, everyone knows that in order to get into a circus, tickets must be purchased in order to see the show.  Well, incorporate the ticket idea into your kids circus party and when you go to mail out the invitations to your guests, include tickets with them and instruct your guests to make sure to bring their tickets along with them as it is good for one admittance.  I’ve created a ticket for you to print off and include in your kids circus party invitations if you would like to use them.  When guests arrive, collect the tickets at the door. 

5 Fun Kids Circus Party Decorations

A proper party always has some decorations so here are 5 fun and inexpensive decorations that you can use at your circus party:

1.       A Bunch of Helium Balloons – they can act as decorations and at the end of the party you can hand them out as party favors to each of the guests.  The Dollar Tree has great prices on these - $1 – which makes them very inexpensive and cute decorations. 

2.       Signs – Hang signs around your main party room that say “Do not feed the animals,” “Keep away from the cages,” “Do not tease the monkeys.”  I’ve created these signs and included them in my party package with the tickets for your convenience. 

3.       Stuffed Animals – all around your main room, place wooden or stuffed toy animals around the tables and up in the corners looking down on the party.  This helps to give the feeling that you are up close and personal to the circus animals!

4.       Streamers – choose vibrant colors of red, orange, yellow and green and stream these across a room, trying to give the effect of the Big Top. 

5.       Paper Plates, Napkins, Cups and Utensils – whatever you are going to use for the children to eat their food on you can also turn into decorations that go with the party theme – in this case the circus theme. 

8 Games for Your Party

1.       Animal Hunt – after you collect the tickets at the door, each guest is given a brown paper bag and sent on an animal hunt.  For this hunt, animal crackers have been concealed about the room.  The child who makes the largest capture wins the prize for this game.

2.       Animal Charades – Have the children all seat in a circle, one being chosen to stand in the center as the ringmaster.  The ringmaster then imitates some animal by actions, voice or other characteristics peculiar to that animal, and the child who is the first to guess correctly becomes the new ringmaster.

3.       Ring Toss – using a paper towel, spray paint it in stripes using vibrant colors.  Then, using paper plates, (have your kids color them in a variety of bright colors), cut out the center of the paper plates and use them for the rings.  Whoever gets their rings to make it onto the paper towel holder moves onto the next round until one person has the most successful ring tosses.

4.       Modeling Animals – buy some cheap clay at the Dollar Tree and have the children model animals out of the clay.  It is pretty impressive what some of them can come up with! 

5.       Animal Puzzle (for younger children) – each child is given envelopes with animal puzzles to be put together.  This is made very inexpensive by cutting out pictures of an animal from a magazine or old, dilapidated book and cutting these into puzzle shapes to be put together.

6.       Alphabet Animals – give each player a sheet of paper with all the letters of the alphabet on it.  Then, have each child try to come up with an animal for each letter in a certain amount of time. 

7.       Pin the Nose on the Clown – just like the traditional pin the tail on the donkey except that this time you use a clown to tie in with your kid’s circus party theme!

8.       Tattoo Time – get some of these temporary tattoos and have all the kids wear them for the party.  You could even set up a “Tattoo Booth” so that kids can easily get them.

Feeding Time Under the Big Top

Simple snacks are just what is need at a kids circus party.  So here are a few ideas:

·         Corn Dogs – the ultimate carnival/circus food. :)

·         Animal Crackers – fill a large red bowl with animal crackers galore.

·         Popcorn – you could make individual bags with the yummy snack.

·         Fruit Kababs – for a healthy treat

·         Circus Peanuts – of course…. :)  after all this is a kids circus party!

·         Peanuts – whole with the shell still on

·         Rice Krispy Treats with colorful sprinkles

·         Cupcakes frosted in vibrant circus colors

Also serve a few drinks – some water and maybe sugar free lemonade (this way it cuts down on the sugar and kids don’t even notice the difference!)