20 Spectacular Indoor Activities for Kids

Fun indoor activities for kids are absolutely necessary to have on hand, whether you’re in the cold of the winter or the heat of the summer.  Kids are always going to end up spending lots of time inside so having a collection of activities on hand for them to do is vitally important for their occupation and your sanity! 

I’ve compiled together 20 different fun indoor activities for kids that you will hopefully find useful.  In fact, I was getting a little desperate myself with my little guy to stay busy that I created this list for me so that I wouldn’t always be at a loss as something to give him to do!  I got to the point where I felt so awful watching him wondering around the house aimlessly with nothing much to do and getting into trouble so, this list of 20 fun indoor activities for kids is just as much for me as it is for you! 

Indoor Activities for Kids

1.     Paint with Water Books – A MUST Have for parents of younger children!  I remember loving to paint in the afternoons when I was younger so I started searching everywhere for these books.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of looking at Amazon sooner (I kept looking at Hobby Lobby and Walmart)…  Anyways, these are mess free and my little boy loves using his paint brush to “paint” his pictures.  This gives him so much to do during the morning hours!

2.     Modeling with Playdough and Clay – This activity isn’t just for toddlers but for kids of all ages.  It helps build muscles and coordination in toddlers but in older children it brings out their creative side in building a clay army or clay animals or building a clay doll house with clay people.  My siblings have spent countless hours working with modeling clay.

3.     Coloring – OK…. This is one of the classic indoor activities for kids but spice it up a little.  If there’s some special occasion coming up, try finding a coloring image on Google Images for them to color.  For example if it’s the 4th of July, try finding a patriotic picture that kids can color. 

4.     Have a Reading Session - Join my 30 Day Reading Challenge for your kids and make it a family activity to read out loud each day.  Kids of all ages benefit from reading out loud.  But, if you don’t have time for reading out loud together, take your kids to the library once every couple of weeks and let them check out some books for them to read on their own time each day. 

5.     Play a fun Game of “I Spy” – you can find all the details for this fun, spur of the moment activity at my “I Spy” page

6.     Have fun in the Kitchen together there are so many (how about 70) different ways you can have fun with your kids in the kitchen!  And these make some fun indoor activities for kids all while you’re trying to get dinner together!

7.     Listen to some Audio Stories there are lots of free apps available for download onto a computer, iPad, phone or any other device.  Download some great stories for your children to listen to and let them escape off into magical worlds of fairies and castles, dragons and pirates!  And you can also check out some audio books at your local library!

8.      Plan a Pizza Party – Let your kids and their friends make pizza together!  Or, you can have your own family pizza party without anyone else.  Just make sure it’s a spectacular event and you can download my free kit that I have for you!

9.     Have a Friday after School PartyStart planning your Friday and upcoming weekend early in the week.  The kids can plan it all with the help of my Free Party kit

10.  Make some Date Muffins – Follow the recipe that I have for you + all the step-by-step picture instructions and let your kids bake up a storm in the kitchen. 

11.  Make some Brownies – I always have a box of brownies in the house to whip up with my kids.  And I love trying to make them a little more spectacular each time.  So, try one of my 30 ways to make some amazing and easy brownies with your kids!

12.  Sticker Pictures – If your kids are old enough to work with stickers (I found that my little boy was not quite ready to peel off the stickers on his own…) buy some stickers at the Dollar Store and let them build their own scene using the characters on the sheet.  We bought some barnyard animals and put them all together to make our own farm scene!

13.  Play some Card Games – Solitaire is a great game to get your kids going on.  But then you can also introduce them to classics like Old Maid and Go Fish, War and Crazy Eights.  And if you just have toddlers then let them play with a deck of cards that has to do with colors or shapes. 

14.  Build a Train Engine – Get together some large cardboard boxes, let your kids decorate them with crayons, markers, colored pencils, stickers, glitter… and then put them together to create their own train.  This brings loads of fun indoor activities for kids of all ages and is a great indoor activity for kids!

15.  Build a Fort – If you have a basement building a fort is a fantastic indoor activity for kids!  But, even if you don’t have a basement, maybe you could loan out your dining room table for the day or the kids could use their bedrooms.  Let them use old sheets and blankets to create their one of a kind fortress.  You could even use a big cardboard box!  And if your kids are younger, build them a fort yourself.  I was shocked at how long my little ones stayed in the fort I made for them!  They were so good all morning long!

16.  Put together a Puzzle – Puzzles are great for any child.  Puzzles come in all different sizes.  Pick them up at a thrift store, yard sale, Dollar Store.  It will enhance their problem-solving skills, their visual skills, their social skills and so much more!  There are even puzzles for little children that will keep them busy.

17. Ring on a Stick - This is an indoor version of horseshoes.  Three or more jar rubbers and two pegs, one at each end of a table, are required.  To make on of the pegs, take a box about two inches deep and four by six inches, or a little smaller in size.  Place the box, bottom up, on the table.  Push a pencil or round stick about eight inches long through the center of the box until it touches the table, leaving about six inches projecting above the box.  Two players, or more players divided into two sides, compete.  Each side stands by one peg and tries to toss the rings over the peg across the table.  First a player from one side pitches, then a player from the other, each pitching three rings.  If the ring goes over the peg it counts ten; if it leans against the peg, five; if it leans against the foundation, two.  The player or side scoring the highest wins the game.

18. Window Contest - Played by two or more.  Take a pencil and paper and sit in front of a window that faces out to the street and count the passers-by.  The one counting the greatest number in a given time wins the game.  A count of one is given for each person walking, two for a car, five for a van and eight for a motorcycle.  This is just a fun, simple way to keep kids busy and entertained!

19. Make a Chalkboard - If you have the wall space, this is a phenomenal idea for kids.  Buy some chalkboard paint and paint a section of the wall that the kids can use to do drawing and playing with.  It's a very inexpensive way to help your kids stay busy inside!  I put one by my back door in my kitchen and my toddler will color on it while I make a meal or clean.  It's great because he can be in the kitchen with me and yet still stay out of the way.

20. Cat and Mouse - this game is for two players.  Blindfold both players and then attach them each to a long string , which is fastened by a loose knot in the middle of a post, and, as the knot is very slightly tide, the players can move about easily.  The player who is the "mouse" scrapes two pieces of wood together so as to make a grating noise, this attracts the other player, the "cat" and he tries to follow and catch his prey.

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