Ice Cream Sundae Party

There’s nothing more summery than having an ice cream sundae party with your kids! The cool, refreshing ice cream is loaded down with toppings of every kind and every child is walking around with a sort of dazed look, trying to absorb the sugar. :) 

But seriously, there are a few reasons why you should host an ice cream sundae party for your kids:

-          They are super easy to set up for.

-          They are easy to plan (especially with my bonus party kit that I have for you!)

-          They are an easy way to entertain kids without too much fuss.

-          They make great birthday parties!

-          Ice cream sundae parties are colorful! 

-          They are great for all ages – from toddlers to infinity and beyond! 

Ice Cream Sundae Party Toppings

Obviously, if you are going to host an ice cream sundae party you are going to need to have a variety of toppings.  (This is the dangerous part for me because I start nibbling on all the candy and all of a sudden realize I probably shouldn’t have eaten quite so much!  ;) )

So, here are 20 topping ideas that are fun for kids to put on their ice cream.  And, if you want to add some pizazz to your party, grab my party kit and I’ve created labels for you to use for the 20 toppings that I’ve come up with… 

1.       M&M’s

2.       Gummy Worms

3.       Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

4.       Nerds

5.       Oreo Cookie Pieces

6.       Chocolate Chip Cookie Pieces

7.       Chocolate Chips

8.       Butterscotch Chips

9.       Maraschino Cherries

10.   Skittles

11.   Marshmallows

12.   Reese’s Pieces

13.   Pretzel Pieces

14.   Bananas

15.   Peanuts

16.   Jelly Beans

17.   Sprinkles

18.   Strawberries

19.   Brownie Pieces

20.   Blueberries

And then of course there are the plethora of sauces that can be drizzled over the top of the ice cream and its toppings:

1.       Chocolate Fudge Sauce

2.       Caramel Sauce

3.       Strawberry Sauce

4.       Marshmallow Fluff

5.       Butterscotch Sauce

6.       Magic Shell Toppings (These are fun for kids especially!)

7.       Cool Whip

How to Make This Party Epic

You want your ice cream sundae party to be epic, chic, playful, stylish, smart… so let’s do this right with some decorations and fun invitations!

7 fun decorations that you might wish to use at this party are:

1.       Banner – you can create your own or there’s one in my bonus party kit…

2.       Blow up some balloons – pastel colors are just something I’m throwing out there because ice cream seems to go more with the lighter colors.  But really, if you have that package of leftover balloons from the last birthday party, those will work just as well too! 

3.       Labels for the above 20 toppings – these are in the party kit.

4.       Sprinkle some sprinkles or confetti around your toppings on the table

5.       Colorful Pastel Napkins

6.       Fun Ice Cream Cups

7.       Ice Cream Spoons

Then also you might want to send out some invitations.  And you can either download my party kit and fill out the invitation template in there or you can create your own ice cream invitations and come up with a personal jingle!

I think you’re all set for having a great ice cream sundae party for your kids.  If you have any questions just drop me a line!

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