How to Keep Kids Entertained with a Fun Game of "I Spy"

One of my family’s favorite activities is playing “I Spy” for kids.  It’s such an awesomely simple game that doesn’t require spending any money and is fun for everyone. 

We’ve played this hundreds of times over the years.  Sometimes, everyone gets a little frustrated and competitive and decides to give up.  Usually though everyone is a pretty good sport about it and everyone laughs together and has a great time.  Our favorite variation of this game is probably when the Christmas tree is up.  Then we spy for the different ornaments on the tree, giving clues to help the players along.

So, How do You Play "I Spy" for Kids?

The person who is “It” chooses an object in the room and says, “I Spy something you may see”  Then, the player different players ask, “What color is it?”  and “It” tells the color or colors.  Then, the others who are playing ask questions about the object.  After the color has been learned, questions must be answered by “yes” or “no.”  The player who first guesses the object is “It” for the next game. 

Pretty simple rules;  and a pretty easy “I Spy” for kids game to play. 

Where should You Play this Game?

You can play “I Spy for Kids” anywhere!  But, for some inspiration here are ten awesome places to play this game. 

  1. The Living Room/Family Room – There are usually a host of different objects in a room where everyone gathers.  
  2. At a Birthday Party – “I Spy” for kids is great to play at a birthday party or when your kids are just having their friends over for an afternoon.  If you are definitely going to play this at a party, you could set up extra objects to coincide with your party theme and have the kids spy for them. 
  3. The Park – there is always lots of commotion at the park and this makes a great place to play “I Spy.”  You could play this with your kids as they are swinging on the swing or sitting at the picnic table eating lunch. 
  4. On a walk – it’s as simple as walking down the street, hand in hand with your kids.  And if you pass the object by before they actually guess it, tell them they have to give you a foot rub after that long walk.
  5. In the car – “I spy” for kids is a great game to play on a road trip.  Yes, you can find something outside the car for the kids to guess at but what about all the luggage, games, food containers, color crayons etc. that are around the car?!
  6. In bed with a flashlight – one of my favorite memories growing up was sneaking some flashlights from my mom and then playing “I spy” with my sister.  There was always great laughter when we were playing which usually prompted loud “shhhhhs” from my parents. 
  7. While on a shopping trip through the grocery store – there’s tons of stuff for the eyes to take in so what better place to play this game!
  8. While eating dinner – It’s a great family game to play at the dinner table, sparking conversation, laughter and putting on your thinking cap!
  9. In the backyard – a great way to wind the day down during the spring or summer is to play “I Spy” for kids in your backyard.  There’s plenty to see and contemplate out there.
  10. At a restaurantan awesome stage for this game is when you’re going out to eat.  Sometimes, my husband and I even play this when we’re out together (I know… kind of dorky :))

Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration in playing this quick and easy game with your kids.  Or, you’ve found something for them to do when they’re feeling bored.  It’s a classic, old-fashioned game that never loses its timelessness. 

Oh, and if your kids are anything like my little boy, get some I Spy books.  They are awesome and it’s so cute seeing the wheels of your child’s brain spin as they search for the designated images on the different pages. 

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