How to Make Waffles With Your Kids!

I love waffles! And waffles are such a fun project to make with your kids so, it is nice to know how to make waffles so you can whip up a batch in no time! 

When I was younger and going to school (probably 3rd, 4th grade) we would always have to have an early start to school on Wednesday.  That way, since we started earlier we would get done with school earlier and have a half day.  Well, Wednesday was always the day that my mom would get up early and make us a fun breakfast, usually waffles.  I remember that we had this ancient waffle maker that made 4 waffles at a time.  We loved how crispy they were when they came off the griddle.  Of course as the years went by, the waffle maker bit the dust but, we recently upgraded my mom’s waffle maker to a larger one and now we can make 6 at a time! 

Making waffles is such a fun family activity and one that I hope you can enjoy with your children!  So, if you want to know how to make waffles with your kids, scroll on down for 7 easy steps to piping hot and crispy waffles!  

How to Make Waffles in 7 Easy Steps!

The fewer the steps there are in any task, the better and easier that task will be.  Combine your task with kids and you’ll want something even easier that can be done quickly! 

So, how to make waffles in 7 steps should help simplify your life and let your do something fun with your kids at the same time! 

1.       Start Heating the Waffle Iron – heating the waffle iron always seems to be the longest part in how to make waffles.  Maybe your waffle iron heats up quickly but even still, definitely start your waffle making with heating up your iron.

2.       Get out the Ingredients – if you are using a recipe, get out all the ingredients and set them on the counter – this is a great step for the kids to do!  Also, make sure that the measuring cups and spoons are ready to go.  If you are using a pancake mix, follow the directions on the package for waffles and you can have the kids get those ingredients out as well. 

3.       Mix the Batterput the ingredients together and mix the batter up.  Kids love to mix things so let them have a hand at stirring the waffle batter. 

4.       Spray the Waffle Ironthis is an incredibly important step!  I don’t know how many times I’ve forgotten to spray the waffle iron with a non-stick spray but it is so frustrating to peel the waffles off the hot iron. You’d think I didn’t know how to make waffles when I forget to spray the iron!  So, spray a light coat over the iron or rub it down with butter or vegetable oil. 

5.       Pour Batter on the GriddleUsing a measuring cup, scoop up some batter into the cup then pour it over the hot waffle iron, going in a back and forth motion to evenly cover the griddle.  Beware if you get too much in one spot or it will be leaking out the sides of the waffle iron! 

6.       Set timer for 5 minutesOnce you close the lid to the waffles, set the timer for about five minutes.  In the beginning you might be able to get away with 3 minutes but after many times of opening and closing the lid, you’re going to have to end up cooking the waffles for about 5 minutes. 

7.       Remove from Waffle IronUse a fork and a spatula and try to fold the waffles on top of each other.  This makes it more manageable to move the waffles from the waffle iron to a plate. 

For another little tip on how to make waffles, we love to put our waffles in the toaster to make them extra crispy!  It adds a nice crunch to them.  But maybe you enjoy your waffles light and fluffy – they’re good that way too! :)

Now that you have these 7 steps I’m sure that you’d love to know how to make waffles fancy with all those epic toppings!  Well, butter and syrup of course is the traditional topping but there are tons of different varieties of toppings!  If you’d like a list of 21 toppings, then grab my bonus list + recipes to make your waffles the most amazing morning creations!

Happy Waffle Making!