5 Ways to Make Easy, Healthy Lunches 
By: Anthony St. Clair

What do your lunches—both for work and school for your kids—look like? Unfortunately for many people, school lunches are packed with loads of things that are no good for you. They're full of sodium, fat, and sugar, and may be rife with lots of processed ingredients that bear little or no resemblance to actual food.

Unfortunately, lunches are one of the reasons that many of us are eating too much sodium and have too little variety in our diets. And all of us eating poorly means we're not as productive at school or work and we're probably putting on weight we don't need to be. One key to avoiding that is to plan when you make other meals. For example, if you're having rice for dinner, then make extras and use them to craft lunchtime bowls that are full of protein and veggies. This graphic offers some other ideas for a more healthy lunch.

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