5 Fun Outdoor Games that are Unique at the Same Time!

Fun outdoor games during the wintertime can be hard to come by.  For one thing, kids have just had amazing summers and have to adjust themselves to the restrictions that winter time can bring.  Then also, there is school that shortens their time outside even more and finally, the winter days are much shorter than those of summer and the sun goes down quite soon after they get home from school. 

Fortunately though I’ve got 5 fun outdoor games for your children to play when the snow comes tumbling down out of the sky.  Some of these games are going to require some parental cooperation and of course, parents are more apt to see the winter as a great time to do extra reading and drink more coffee and tea instead of heading outside with your kids. 

But, if you do decide to join your kids outside in the winter wonderland you’ll create some awesome memories for the years to come.

Fun Outdoor Games

1.     Snow Painting – you will want to use an old window frame or a picture frame.  Make sure that all of the glass is removed out of it.  Prepare a block of snow-ice by filling the frame with slush and allowing it to freeze.  Pictures can then be painted on the block with your ordinary house paint.

2.     Snow HutsThis will require some engineering and planning but they are awesome when finished!  First off, pile up all the snow that is shoveled from the street and sidewalks.  Pack it down and then tunnel into it.  If you want to get really detailed in this, make the house using blocks and packing the snow into boxes and building the wall and roof of the hut with the blocks formed in this way.  You can even use your sand pails to put some turrets and towers on your hut.

3.     Follow the Leader – this is such a fun outdoor game!  Make sure to play this in the snow and it is great if you are going on a family hike.  A clever leader will require his followers to shake snow from branches that they walk under or pass snowballs down the line, step or jump from rock to rock and imitate animal tracks in the snow.  It is sometimes best if an adult is the leader because if you have any young followers they can easily step in the larger tracks. 

4.     Siberian Man-Hunt – this game allows kids to use their trailblazing skills.  One person is chosen to be a “fugitive” and runs away in the snow to a good hiding place.  The remaining players give him about 15-20 minutes to do his hiding.  Then, they all set off to follow his tracks.  When they come upon his hiding place, the “fugitive” throws snowballs at them.  Every player who is hit must fall out “dead.”  But, the players must also throw snowballs back at the “fugitive.”  If the “fugitive” is hit three time by a snowball then he is counted “dead.”  This is especially fun outdoor game to play on a winter hike. 

5.     Rovers – This is a bow and arrow game (but hey, you can make your own bow out of string and a stick and your arrows can be branches from the trees) that can be played either in the winter or the summer.  The added element of the snow makes this a fun winter game.  A few boxes should be placed at intervals throughout your yard.  Each archer is given two arrows which they then shoot at the first box.  Then, they archers move onto the next box and so on.  The winner is the one who has the most hits at the end of the round. 

The above suggestions are just different fun outdoor games for your kids to play.  Having this handy list gives them some ideas for ways to make the outdoors fun even in the wintertime. 

Cheers to fun winter days!

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