Friday after School Party

Let’s bring in the weekend with a Friday after school party! 

Going through grade school and on into high school, I remember always loving to get home as quick as I could on a Friday afternoon.  It was the highlight of my week (and probably every child would agree with me there… :))  Sometimes my parents would take time out to celebrate the weekend with us.  They’d plan a fun dinner, play some hip hop music, make a yummy dessert and we’d be well on our way to starting our weekend off on a good foot.I remember feeling like a huge load of stress fell off my shoulders during these Friday after school parties.  It was always such a nice way to unwind and forget that we even had to go to school. 

Now that I have my own kids I still like to unwind on Fridays.  Usually, I will go out yardsaling on Friday mornings.  (I know, it’s not quite a party but it sure is a lot of fun!)  But, when my kids do get old enough, and they’re going through school, I will definitely be spicing things up with a Friday after school party here and there.

So….  I know I’ve been rambling a bit but the point of this post is to encourage you to do a Friday after school party with your kids!  They will love it!  And I’m here to help you with a handy dandy FREE printable kit that has all sorts of goodies in it! 

Decorations + Food + Music + Games

Yes, you need decorations!  Nothing too over the top but, just something fun.  You could blow up a few balloons and tape them in bunches in the kitchen.  (Balloons can be found at the Dollar Store for just $1/pack). 

Another fun decoration (and I have this in the kit) is a pendant that you can string together and it says “Happy Friday”.  Stream it up in the main place where your party is going to happen.  Or, string it up at the door where the kids are going to first notice it.  It brings some excitement and anticipation with it.

Of course you need food… Plan out a menu - this can either be a yummy dinner or a bunch of snacks/finger foods.  Need some ideas?  (Oh, and if you want the recipes, just click on the links or google:))

7 Yummy/Easy Dinner ideas:

  • Pizza (seems like I always resort to that one but kids LOVE pizza!)
  • Fish Sticks + French Fries + Chili Beans
  • Cheese Ravioli + Garlic Bread + Jello Salad
  • Bean Burritos + Spanish Rice + Cherry Fluff
  • Black Bean Tacos + Spanish Rice + Watergate Salad
  • Cheese Enchiladas + Refried Beans + French Fries with Cheese Sauce
  • Vegetarian Chili + Cornbread/Tortilla Chips

And if you’re looking for a menu idea for finger foods, check out my kit… You’ll find an awesome menu plan for your Friday after school party + dessert!  There will be a lot of dessert options as well to kick off your weekend. 

No party is complete without a little bit of music!  Open up Pandora and put on the kids’ favorite station.  Or, surprise them with their favorite music soundtrack.  You could also have them put together their favorite playlist of songs and play them throughout the evening.

Finally, play a game or two.  Again, lists are wonderful things so here’s a list of games:

  • Charades – awesome with kids!  They are so cute and funny to watch :)
  • Pictionary
  • Monopoly – word of warning though… my family played this ALL THE TIME when I was younger.  However, we started really arguing and fighting about the game that we had to give it up… BUT, now, it makes some great memories and we laugh about how competitive we were at the time.  :)
  • Taboo for Kids
  • Poker!  (Take it easy though… they’re only kids :))
  • Solitaire Frenzy
  • Go Fish (especially if you have younger kids)
  • Apples to Apples
  • Jenga – might be a bit loud with all those blocks falling… :)
  • Uno - a family favorite around here :)

If you need more food ideas, dessert ideas and a few free decorations well then sign up for my FREE Friday after school party kit.  You’ll find it very helpful to making these parties fun and memorable for your kids! 

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