Fall Scavenger Hunt

Are your kids getting antsy to have a fall party but you just don’t want to go through the trouble?  Well, having a fall scavenger hunt is a great party game and is bound to keep the guests busy for a significant amount of time. 

Or maybe you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids on the weekend or after school.  Then again, going on a fall scavenger hunt is something that is easy for you to do with your kids and a great way to make some memories.  

What Age is this Scavenger Hunt Appropriate for?

All ages!  Yes, really and truly, pretty much any age child can partake in this scavenger hunt. 

For toddlers, have them find the different items that are on the card very slowly.  Don’t rush them but you can help them by pointing out different interesting artifacts. If you are trying to make this a game for toddlers, you can challenge them by seeing who can find the most objects that are on the card instead of all of the objects given.  You could also set the timer to see who can find the most objects in that time span.  With these different methods, you will help toddlers not become so overwhelmed with the game.

Older children can be challenged more easily and here are a few different ways that can make this fall scavenger hunt a little more interesting:

·         Treat the scavenger hunt like Bingo and see who is the first one to fill out the card either in the vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction. 

·         Put a little more of a challenge into the hunt by trying to have everyone find every object that is given on the card.

·         Make the scavenger hunt a group effort and have all of the children work together on finding all of the objects and filling out one card.

Where to do this Fall Scavenger Hunt?

Obviously there are multiple places and ways that you can conduct this scavenger hunt:

1.       Go on a walk through your neighborhood – definitely probably the easiest way to check off the card but also not the only way that you can carry out the hunt.

2.       In your backyard – if you want to get creative, set the objects on the card throughout your yard and have your kids go through it and find each one.

3.       Head to the Park – Most of the fall scavenger hunt items can also be found at your local park, so plan an activity to head to the park to conduct your hunt.

4.       Inside the house – Set up the different objects inside your home and have the kids hunt them down. 

5.       On a drive – going on a drive through your town is an awesome way to have a scavenger hunt.  Especially if the weather is really starting to get chilly and you just don’t feel like being outside for too long.

6.       At the Store – Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and pretty much every other store are all set up and decorated for fall so you could have your kids (maybe more the toddler age and younger children) have their scavenger hunt in the store.

5 Activities for After the Scavenger Hunt

And when you’re done having your scavenger hunt have the kids try some of these fun activities:

1.       Head to the kitchen and have a cup of hot chocolate with some pumpkin cookies/pumpkin bread/pumpkin muffins (why am I stuck on the pumpkin?  Well maybe because it’s fall!) 

2.       Carve Pumpkins or paint them, draw on them, make funny faces on them, you could even spray paint them!

3.       Make Pumpkin Bookmarks – have some templates of pumpkins ready to go so that kids can trace them on some orange construction paper, cut them out and decorate them and then the kids can use them in their school books or a book you are reading to them at home (Take my 30 Day Reading Challenge!)

4.       Make a “Thankful List” – have children write down on a piece of paper/construction paper what they are grateful for and have been given over the past year. 

5.       Read a Fall Story – your local library is bound to have a certain number of books on display that focus on the fall season.  Check some out and read them to the kids after the Fall Scavenger Hunt. 

Happy Fall!