10 Fall Games for Kids

Fall is in full swing here and so let’s throw a few fall games into the mix to add to the delights of autumn for your kids. 

Fall is a time for getting together with cousins or friends and making caramel apples.  Maybe you’re planning a caramel apple making party and you want some fall games for the kids to play.  Maybe you’re having a leaf raking day and you are trying to make it fun with a few games.  Maybe you’re just enjoying a relaxing fall Sunday afternoon and you need to be inspired with some fall games.  Whatever the case may be, today I’ve got 10 fun fall games for you to play with your kids (or encourage your kids to play them with each other or their friends.)

Fantastically Fun Fall Games

1.       Candy Corn Guessing Game – this is a fun game to have ongoing throughout the course of the Fall season.  Fill a jar with candy corn, and have your kids, friends and their friends guess how many pieces of candy corn are in the jar.  Spice this up by having your children decorate the jar by gluing leaves all over it or decorating it with fall colored ribbon.  Other ways to variate this game, do it weekly with different sized jars each week. 

 2.       Pumpkin Ring Toss – buy several pumpkins with large stems on them.  Then, using glow sticks that can be turned into rings, have a friendly game of a pumpkin ring toss, trying to have the glow stick circles catch onto the pumpkin stems. 

 3.       Fall Bingo – I’ve created a fun game for you – a bingo game with a fall theme to it.  Have your kids play this with their friends or you play it with your kids.  Using candy corn or candy pumpkins is a great way to mark off the bingo spaces as the game is played. 

 4.       Fall Scene Puzzle – maybe you have a subscription to a magazine or you can print a fall picture off the internet.  However, you do it, get ahold of some fall picture (maybe an old calendar picture would work as well) cut puzzle pieces out of the picture and then have your kids put the picture back together.  This is probably a game more for younger children to do but have your older kids be the ones to cut the puzzle pieces out.

 5.       Bowling – gather together 10 tin cans, spray paint them fun fall colors (orange, red, yellow) and go bowling.  You can use a small pumpkin for the bowling ball.  This is a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your children.

 6.       Tic Tac Toe – Play a game of tic tac toe using candy corn and candy pumpkins.  The candy corn can be the “x” and the candy pumpkin can be the “o.”  Nibbling on the candy is allowed after each round. ;)

 7.       Paper Clip Search – in a basket or bin put some hay, then, throughout the hay sprinkle some paper clips.  To play the game, blindfold a player and then have them sift through the hay with their hands, searching for paper clips.  Whoever pulls out the most paper clips is the winner of the game.

 8.       Leaf Tag – play a game of tag with “It” throwing leaves at the runners.  Whoever is caught in a shower of leaves is the new “It” person!  Very simple and easy game with a fun fall twist!

 9.       Balancing Race – fill a plastic bag or some netting with candy corn/candy pumpkins and have a race.  Whoever can make it to the finish line the fastest while balancing the bag of candy on his head is the winner of the game!

 10.   Pin the Leaf on the Tree – On a large sheet of butcher paper/craft paper, draw a tree.  Then, tape this paper to a door.  Next, cut out some leaf templates for each player or, use real leaves and put each player’s name on the leaf with a marker.  From here, the game is just like pin the tail on the donkey except you want to pin the leaf on the tree branches. 

So, there are 10 fall games for you to play with your kids or to have your kids play at your fall party.  I wish you a very festive Fall!