4 Easy Easter Crafts

Here are a few easy Easter crafts for you to do with your kids (but they are easy enough where you can just demonstrate one and they can take on the rest of the details with ease.) 

My family is always bubbling with anticipation when they know there's an upcoming holiday just around the corner.  And with the kids always being antsy it's nice to have something that's easy for them to do!  Whenever Easter comes around we usually take the last couple of days before and make all sorts of crafts and decorate eggs.  

The easy Easter crafts that I have here are exactly that - EASY!  You should just have to give some basic instructions for each project and then your children will be able to create the projects themselves.  Also, making these crafts is very inexpensive which makes any parent even more inclined to want to put together these crafts.  The materials used consist of construction paper, Easter grass and some ribbon.  Also I've got some free templates for your kids to use that will help them craft the perfect project!  

1. Making a Garland

An Easter Garland

Garlands or pennants are very easy to make. 

You can make them with cut out flowers and Easter eggs or you can make them with words on them saying Happy Easter Everyone! 

These are simple enough for your child who is just learning their cutting and tracing skills but this is also fun for older children.   Hey, I even enjoy making some of these Easter garlands to hang around my home!  


  • Cardstock
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Flower Patterns to trace
  • Glue
  • Hole Punch


  1. To start with you need several different shape patterns that kids can trace onto pretty, decorative cardstock.  Click on the above link to gain instant access to my templates that I've created for you. In our example we had an Easter egg, a tulip, a flower and we made enough so that we could stream the garland across a certain point in our dining room.
  2. Trace each piece onto the cardstock and cut them out.

3.  After cutting each piece of the garland we punched two holes in each flower so that we could string them all together.

4. Finally we joined them together with a ribbon (it was pretty long) and we tied a couple of bows throughout it to add some decoration. 

The kids are so excited to have their work exhibited and it will be a great decoration for Easter Sunday. :)

2. Making Easter Flowers

Using the above templates in the link for the flower, you can make a bunch of beautiful Easter flowers to tape on your kitchen cupboards or bedroom doors throughout the house.   If you wanted to get fancy you could get some very pretty Easter/Spring ribbon and wrap each cupboard in ribbon.  Then in the middle of each cupboard tape one of these flowers that you've made.

If you would like to use a different template though, I've created a slight variation on the above templates: flower petal template and a stem template.


  • Cardstock
  • Tape/Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Trace several petals onto some construction paper or a magazine page or some pretty cardstock.  It is also a cute idea to maybe write a little spring wish on the flower petals for people to read. 
  2. Cut each petal and the leaf and stem out. 

3. You will then glue each petal to the flower middle and the stem and leaf as well. 

4. Finally, you have a beautiful Easter flower for decoration! 

Easy Easter crafts really can’t get any easier and kids love doing them! 

3. Make your Own Easter Bunny!

With a paper plate, some white and pink construction paper and a black Sharpie you can make your very own Easter bunny!


  • Paper Plate
  • Black Marker/Googly Eyes if you have them
  • White + Pink Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


  1. First off, download my template for tracing your own bunny ears.  I suggest printing this off on cardstock so that it can be used among all children performing this activity without getting too bent up. 
  2. Once you have the template printed, trace some bunny ears onto the white construction paper and cut out. 
  3. Next, trace the middle of the ear onto pink construction paper and cut out. 
  4. Glue the pink ear middles onto the bunny ears.
  5. Then glue the whole ear onto the white paper plate. 

6. Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth onto the paper plate to create the bunny face.

7. There!  You have a cute Easter bunny that you can add into your other Easter decorations or put on your fridge for all to admire! 

Add this to your list of easy Easter crafts and you’ll be almost set for the big holiday! 

Make your own Easter Bunny!

4. Easy Easter Crafts Include Making a Carrot for the Easter Bunny :)

Well, just like the heading says, this is a super easy craft for kids of all ages.


  • Orange Construction Paper
  • Background Construction Paper
  • Orange Crayon/Colored Pencil
  • Fake green Easter grass


  1. First off, download and print my carrot template
  2. Use the template and trace a carrot onto a piece of orange construction paper.  
  3. Draw the wrinkles on the carrot to make it look authentic!
  4. Cut the carrot off and glue it onto a different colored piece of construction paper. 
  5. Take some green Easter grass and tape it down on the top of the carrot head.
  6. And finally, cut the paper down small enough so that it can be hung up as another cute Easter decoration!  

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