25 Must Have Easy Dinner Ideas for Your Kids to Make!

So, you need some easy dinner ideas for your kids.  Maybe you’re going to go shopping, or you’re going to be getting home late from work, or your having a date night.  Whatever the case may be your kids still have to eat!  Well, let your worries subside, because here are 25 easy dinner ideas that your kids can make all by themselves!  And, if they have a sitter, it will make the sitter’s life so much easier to already have a simple and easy dinner picked out and have the kids able to put it together.

When my mom used to get a babysitter for us kids, the babysitter was really only there to help us in case of emergency.  We were told not to have her do everything for us.  In fact, we pretty much made our dinner, cleaned up the kitchen afterwards and helped with the younger siblings.  In retrospect it definitely taught us responsibility in our daily tasks and respect for those who were in charge of us.

What Makes These Easy Dinner Ideas "Easy"?

Alright, you’re excited about the fact that your kids can make the list of dinners I have created but, what makes these easy dinner ideas easy?!

1.       Fast – these dinners are quick to put together, most of them can be ready in about 10 minutes! 

2.       Simplethe dinners I’ve created are incredibly simple being that they have few ingredients (usually just one) and the majority of them don’t require following a detailed recipe.  Some do have you follow the directions on a package but any reader should be up to the task.  And if your kids are younger then have the babysitter tell the kids what to do… “get out the pan for the stove.”

3.       Fun the easy dinner ideas on this list are fun for kids to make because they are really comfort foods!  Every child loves it when their favorite meal is up for dinner.  This helps get them excited about actually making the meal and in turn this makes the dinner easy!

4.       Minimal Cleanup making sure that there are few dishes that have to be washed is a MUST when kids are in charge of making the meal! My 25 dinner ideas require very few dishes, at most about two pots.

Every dinner on my list of 25 dinners has the above characteristics. They are all fast, simple, fun and have minimal cleanup.  These characteristics are definitely what defines them to be easy dinner ideas!

What do You Get in My Freebie?

Really, you can’t lose out.  You have a complete 25 list of dinners for your kids to make and eat while you’re busy.  These dinners include a side dish that your kids can easily handle getting together.  Also, I have created a shopping list for the items that you will need for each one of the dinners.  Finally, there are some simple instructions for each dinner that your kids can follow.

Here are 5 sample dinner ideas from my list of 25 easy dinner ideas that your kids can make:

1.       Tuna Salad Sandwich + Yogurt + Chips

2.       Chicken Noodle Soup + Rolls

3.       Bean Burros + Yogurt Salad

4.       Baked Potato + Chili Beans

5.       Ravioli in crockpot

At this point you might be thinking that I am a bit of an overachiever in what I think kids can make but if you download my freebie dinner list, grocery list, directions combo, I give your kids very simple and easy instructions on how to make their dinners. 

I wish you and your kids many happy and easy dinner nights in the future!

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