30 Fast + Easy Brownies to Make with the Kids

Fast and easy brownies are a must know how to make with kids!  They are the perfect dessert that will introduce your kids into the world of cooking and baking.  And they’re fast which is perfect for you because your time is so limited. 

My family loves making brownies!  In fact, it’s our go-to dessert on Sundays.  We always have to have a couple of brownie mix boxes in our “cake cupboard.”  Since I’m the baker in the family (and my husband is so grateful that I like to bake and cook ;)) everyone always begs me to make dessert for them.  But, I don’t always feel like whipping up something fancy so I’ll tell my little 10 year old sister to come help me make some easy brownies.

My youngest sister almost doesn’t need any help making box brownies but I’m there to help her out and make sure she adds all the right ingredients. 

Over the years we’ve gotten a creative with what we’ve put into the brownies to make them a little bit more spectacular. So, in this post I’m going to share with you just exactly how to makes some fancy but easy brownies with your kids.

What to put in your Easy Brownies to keep them "Easy" but Nice

You might consider it cheating but I always make brownies from a box.  It’s rare when I will make them from scratch and actually, I think they taste pretty equally good either way. 

To have your kids involved in the project, have them read the instructions to you, set out the mixing bowl, mixing spoon, and any ingredients that you are going to need (eggs, oil, water…).  The kids can then add everything into the brownie mix and stir it all together.  Have them also cut up anything extra that you are putting into the batter.  Scissors are great tools to use to cut up cookie pieces, candy bars and the like. 

Anyways, here are 30 different ways to make some easy brownies with your kids. 

1.     Make them original – follow the box recipe, don’t add anything extra.  Just put some thick frosting when their done baking and after they have cooled.

2.     Nuts and Chocolate chips – putting some almonds and chocolate chips in the brownie batter is my FAVORITE way to make some delicious chocolate.  Have the kids measure out the chocolate chips and cut the nuts up for you.

3.     Swirl in Cream Cheese – Make a cream cheese sugar mixture.  Beat together 4 oz cream cheese, 1/3 cup sugar, 1 egg, ½ tsp vanilla.  After you pour the batter in the pan, drop the cream cheese mixture on top of it by spoonfuls. Then, take a knife and swirl in the cream cheese.

4.     Cookie dough brownies – make a small batch of chocolate chip cookies or peanut butter cookies and drop small spoonfuls in the batter (after the batter has been poured in the pan.)

5.     Andes Mint Brownies - buy a bag of Andes mints candies and have the kids cut them up.  Then, add the pieces to the brownie batter before it gets poured into the pan.

6.     Reese’s Brownies – Buy a Reese’s candy bar or small peanut butter cups and cut them up and add them to the batter.

7.     Oreo Brownies – cut up some oreo cookies into bite sized pieces and mix through the brownie batter – super easy brownies and absolutely delicious!

8.     Skittles Brownies – These are a little bit weird but sprinkle some skittles through the brownie batter – definitely gives an interesting texture but kids love the skittle brownies!

9.     Cherry Pie Filling Brownies After you pour the brownie batter into the pan, drop cherry pie filling by spoonfuls on top of it.  You might have to bake it a little bit longer but these are super easy brownies that they are worth the wait!

10.  Red Hot Brownies – want to add some pizzazz to your brownies?  Sprinkle red hots into the batter.  Just be careful that you don’t add too many.

11.  Snickers Bites Brownies – cut up a snickers bar or add the mini ones into the brownie batter.

12.  Butterfinger Brownies – cut up a Butterfinger candy bar and add it to your brownie batter. 

13.  White Chocolate Chip Brownies – add about ¾ cup of white chocolate chips to your brownie batter. (this definitely isn’t one of my favorite brownie variations but some of my siblings love it!)

14.  Butterscotch Brownies – add about ¾ cup of butterscotch chips to your brownie batter.

15.  Peanut Butter Brownies – After the brownie batter has been poured in the pan, heat about ¾ cup of peanut butter in the microwave for about ½ a minute.  Then, drop it by spoonfuls over the brownie batter.  Finally, take a knife and swirl the brownie mixture together. 

16.  Milky Way Brownies – cut a milky way bar up into pieces and mix it into the brownie batter.

17.  Caramel Brownies – buy a jar of caramel ice cream sauce and drop it by spoonfuls over the brownie batter.  Then take a knife and swirl it into the batter.  These are a bit gooey and messy… but so yummy!

18.  Sprinkle Brownies – Add some sprinkles to your brownie batter for fun pops of color throughout it while the kids are eating it.  Talk about easy brownies…!

19.  Almond brownies – cut up some almonds and add about ¾ cup into the brownie batter.  What a nice crunch!

20.  Marshmallow Brownies – I like to cut the marshmallows up but you don’t have to.  Add about 1 cup of marshmallows to your brownie batter.  This is definitely more of a kid brownie.  :)

21.  Rolo Brownies – dropping rolo pieces into the brownie batter doesn’t get much easier than that when it comes to making a fancier brownie.

22.  Put Frozen Raspberries into the Batter – you don’t need to defrost the raspberries.  Just add them into the batter and mix together.  You might have to bake these longer, depending on your oven.

23.  Hershey Bar Chunk Brownies – very similar to chocolate chips except you get bigger chunks of chocolate throughout.  And yum, yum, yum!

24.  Frozen Mixed Berries – just like the raspberries, add about ¾ cup of frozen mixed berries to your brownie batter. 

25.  Plain M&M’s Brownies – add about ¾ cup of M&M’s to the brownie batter and kids will love all the fun colors throughout.

26.  Peanut Butter M&M’s Brownies – The peanut butter M&M’s give such a nice burst of peanut butter flavor crunch to the brownies that make them fun to eat.

27.  Reese’s Pieces Brownies – add about ¾ cup or Reese’s Pieces to the brownie batter.

28.  Twix Brownies – cut up a twix candy bar and add it to the brownie batter.

29.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies – cut up chocolate chip cookies into bite size pieces and add to the brownie batter.

30.  Nutter Butter Brownies – add some nutter butter cookies chopped up into your brownie batter.

There are your 30 different ways that you can spice up your brownies without spending hours in the kitchen.  And, have the kids help you whip up your next batch of brownies! 

Have fun and Happy Baking!