Easter Lilies

Easter lilies are definitely one of the most beautiful springtime flowers. 

They grow straight and tall with thick green leaves, and stunning white petals.  This flower also lets off a fragrance that smells sweet and almost like a perfume.  (In fact, there are many different flavors of soap, perfume, candles, and potpourri that have the lily smell.)

The Symbolism of Easter Lilies

One of the neatest aspects of this flower is its symbolism. 

It’s crisp whiteness symbolizes purity, chastity and innocence

If you look back through time you’ll see many of the Roman Catholic saints pictured holding a lily.  This shows that they were killed for what they believed in and that when they were killed, they were virgins.  Therefore, they hold a lily to depict their virginity. 

Also, sometimes when a young child has passed you will see him in his coffin with a crown of lilies on his head, portraying his innocence. 

With such beautiful symbolism it is no wonder that Easter lilies are associated with the Resurrection of Our Lord. 

At the Easter time if you go into any Church or place of worship, it is quite normal for you to see the sanctuary filled with Easter lilies. 

When I go into my church on Easter Sunday it is incredible how the whole place puts off such a sweet fragrance all from the lilies!

Where are they grown?

Now that you know the symbolism of these flowers, where exactly did they come from? 

Well, this plant can be found primarily in only one location – the Ryukyu Islands of southern Japan.

It was brought to the United States by a soldier who was traveling home after World War I.  He brought the bulbs to America.  Today, there is a valley in California (between the Oregon and California borders) where the majority of the lily crop is grown. 

So, just think that if this soldier had never brought the lily bulb home, we might not have all these beautiful lilies at Easter time! ;)

Where to buy an Easter Lily

Now, when you want to go buy an Easter lily you won’t have to search very hard.

They are incredibly popular at the Easter season so they’re pretty much in any grocery store. 

Walk into any Walmart, Dillons, HyVee, Price Chopper, or local family grocery store and you’ll see the lilies in prettily wrapped pots all waiting to be purchased! 

Pick up a few to give to family and friends to send them Happy Easter wishes. 

A cute idea when giving away a lily is to fill the base of the pot with some foil wrapped chocolate candy Easter eggs (or some other foil wrapped candy.  :))

And when the Easter season is over don’t throw your lily out.  Instead, have your kids transplant it to a garden so that it can bloom for many years to come. 

Keeping the Lily Alive

On one Easter we were going to have a large crowd of people over for dinner.  So, my mother went out and bought quite a few lilies. 

Now of course she wanted them to all be in full bloom for Easter Sunday so she did quite the extensive research to keep her lilies alive. 

Well, her tips did definitely help the lilies all bloom in time and they did seem prettier than normal. 

So, if you want to keep your own lilies blooming for the big day firstly, you want to pick out a lily that has a couple of the flowers all the way open, some that look like they could bloom any day and then one or two that are tightly closed. 

Then, when your lily petals open up you will want to pull out the little stem things that are in the middle of the flower.  Do this before the pollen starts falling off.

Finally, when the flower does start to die, trim off that one so that the nutrients can then be directed to the other buds. 

I hope you enjoy your Easter lilies! 

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