Easter Games for Kids

Kids are always full of anticipation when there's a holiday coming up.  So, since Easter is right around the corner, here are 7 Easter games for kids to play as the big day comes closer.

The great thing about these Easter games is that they can be played inside or outside, depending on the weather. I remember some pretty rainy and cold Easter's where we were stuck inside doing our egg hunts.  We still had loads of fun and maybe we had even more fun because it was "unusual" and out of the ordinary to have an egg hunt inside.  

Of course though, be careful if you do have an egg hunt inside, to make sure that all of the eggs are accounted for.  One Easter egg hunt at my house resulted in an egg being forgotten in the washing machine and when we did laundry that week, there were egg pieces all over the clothes!  

So, here are your 7 Easter games for kids that you've been waiting for.  Oh, and I've created a free memory game that you can sign up for and download!  

Happy Easter, everyone!

1. The Classic of all Easter Games for Kids - the Egg Hunt

Every Easter Sunday, my brothers and sisters love taking out the eggs that they decorated and hiding them all over the yard. 

Yes, we normally use the real, actual eggs but there are of course the plastic eggs that you can buy by the bagful at Walmart (or even yard sales).

If you are using the plastic eggs what should you fill them with? 

  • Well, of course you can fill them with candy - jelly beans, M&M's, gummy worms, Hershey Kisses etc…
  • Small toys/cars/polly pocket dolls
  • Stickers are another popular item.  So, get a packet of Easter/Spring stickers and clip them into bunches to fill the eggs.
  • You could also get the pouches of fruit gummies or dried fruit and stuff them inside the plastic eggs. 
  • One of the most popular items to go inside Easter eggs is money.  Kids don’t care if it’s a couple of dimes or quarters and of course they'd be happy with dollar bills. 

If you’re a parent, you probably understand that anything outside of sugar is probably better for your kids – especially since they already have their Easter Baskets and Easter Dinner Desserts.  ;)

2. A Memory Matching Game

A memory game is a great game not just for kids but for people of all ages to practice their memory skills.  

Another wonderful aspect of a matching game is that it is one of the quietest Easter games for kids because they have to concentrate and they don’t want to lose their focus.  (And this is nice for the grownups because we get a small break from their excited voices ;)

The object of the game is to first off lay down flat all of the tiles and turn them all over so you can’t see what they are.

Then, working in a clockwise direction, have the kids flip over the tiles two at a time. 

If you have a match, you pick up the tiles and you get a second turn.  If you don’t have a match then move to the next person.

Just download the cards and print them off. Once they are printed, cut them out.  I suggest printing them off on cardstock to make them a bit sturdier.  And if you want to keep them long term then laminate them!

This is a great way to keep the Easter spirit and to keep the kids busy but quiet, making this definitely one of my favorite Easter games for kids. 

3. How many Jellybeans in the Jar?

A cool game to play is to fill a jar with jellybeans or M&M’s or kisses and have the kids guess how many are in the jar. 

Have sheets of paper and pencils sitting next to the jar.  Then, as kids walk by have them make a guess as to the number of jellybeans in the jar. 

It’s cute to see how they ponder it for awhile, walk away and eventually come back to write their answer down.

Set a certain time for when you will reveal the total of objects in the jar.  Then, whoever has guessed the closest will win the jar.

4. Egg on a Spoon Race

This is one of the most exciting Easter games for kids to play with a large group.  And you can play it in 5 easy steps! 

  1. Get together some spoons and about a dozen or so hard boiled eggs.  (You can use your Easter eggs that you decorated.)
  2. Divide the kids up into a couple of teams.  Then, hand the spoons out to each team. 
  3. Place the eggs on the spoon and then have the kids approach the starting line. 
  4.  The object is to race to the finish line while balancing the egg on the spoon.  If the egg falls off then, stop and pick it back up and keep going.
  5. Whoever reaches the finish line first runs back to his teammates (without balancing the egg) and gives the spoon and egg to the next contestant. 

Whichever team has all of its members complete the race first is the winning team. 

5. The Musical Egg

The hostess passes a hard-boiled egg to her right-hand neighbor with instructions for her to hold it while she sings up the scale.  After the holder of the egg sings she quickly passes on the egg to her right hand neighbor.  This guest must hold it until she sings up the scale before passing it on to her neighbor.  The object is to sing the scale and get rid of the egg as soon as possible in order not to be caught with it at the crucial moment, these crucial moments being determined by the hostess who blows a tiny whistle at intervals of thirty seconds.  Any guest caught with the egg in her hand when the whistle blows is listed.  These listed guests are later on invited to pay the penalty of their "carelessness." :)

6. Ring the Bell

A bell hung between two little posts or sticks and placed on a table may be the goal for egg rolling.  Let each player roll six eggs at a time.  Each time the bell rings, 10 is added to the score of the one who rolled the eggs.  The score is 50, but with small children 25 may be a high enough one.  If the bell is hit, but does not ring, it does not count.  

This is definitely one of my favorite Easter games for kids because it is different from all the other games!  

7. Egg Polo 

This is definitely an appropriate game for Easter.  Place an empty egg shell in the center of the table and arrange a goal at each end.  Two teams of players at opposite ends of the table try to blow the egg shell through their opponents' goal.  

Wishing you all a very blessed and happy Easter!