5 Fun Kids Christmas Word Searches

Getting right to the point, I’ve created five fun Christmas word search puzzles for your kids to do! 

About this time of year, you’ve got the kids all home from school, you might still have to hang up your Christmas decorations (we were pretty late this year getting them up!  Yes, Christmas is less than 1 week away but we were just starting to “haul out the holly” this past weekend!  Oh well, it was fun and it’s all up now and we’re all starting to get into the holiday mood.)  There are little green garland needles all over the place but you can’t vacuum them up quiet yet because there’s still more garland that needs to get hung.  Oh, and you have a ton of Christmas baking to do that you still need to get ingredients for and you haven’t even started on the wrapping…

Does that sound like you?  Well, to top it off, your kids might be a little bit restless, with all the excitement of the season and the anticipation of the gifts they are going to get. 

Well, sign up below for my 5 Christmas word search puzzles that I have and print them off this will give them something fun to do over the course of the next couple of days!

What are the 5 Christmas Word Search Puzzles About?

Each Christmas word search puzzle that you will receive in the FREE packet is a 15x15 square with 15 different words in it.  So, what kind of Christmas word searches are you going to find in this packet of 5 puzzles?

  1. Christmas Dinner Word Search – the ham, mashed potatoes, turkey, jello salad and carrot cake all belong in their own word search!  You’ll have your kids dreaming of the upcoming delights of food on Christmas day.  And, maybe you’ll get some inspiration to make a different dish for your family!
  2. Christmas Decorations Word Search – there are tons of decorations everywhere for the Christmas season.  The garland, ribbon, presents, candles, lights and more make up the beauty of Christmas and a fun word search.

3.  Christmas Cookies Word Search – Christmas time is a huge baking season and Christmas cookies are at the top of the list.  There are sugar cookies, spritz cookies, Mexican wedding cakes + all of the cookie ingredients.  This is a fun word search for your kids especially if you are in the middle of making your Christmas cookies. 

4.  North Pole Word Search – this word search is all about Santa Clause and his elves.  They stay busy all year long getting ready for that magical night once a year.  You’ll have your kids dreaming about reindeer and sleigh bells with this Christmas word search. 

5.  A Nativity Word Search – this of course is all about the Christmas crib, the figurines that go into the crib and all the materials that make it up.

So, to wrap this all up (no pun intended :)) you get 5 word searches that are all along the lines of Christmas in my downloadable, printable package.  Sign up on the side of this page or on the bottom of the page. 

If you need to keep your kids a little bit busy this Christmas season I strongly suggest you sign up for these word search puzzles and hand them out!  The kids will have fun and you’ll be able to get some of that pressing work of yours done! 

You could even let your kids have their friends over and they could all do word searches together over a cup of hot chocolate! 

Merry Christmas!

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