How to use the Letters from the Word "Christmas" in a Fun Christmas Word Game!

Here is a fun Christmas Word game that you can have the kids play at your Christmas party!

My family has a passion for games - especially my brothers.  In fact, every Sunday, after brunch, my brothers, my dad and my brother-in-law all sit down and play an epic game.  Usually it’s Kemet but sometimes it’s Settler’s of Catan, Star Wars Risk, or even an occasional game of poker. 

Now, this Christmas word game is not quite like those board games that I mentioned above.  But, it is a fun and easy game to play with adults and children alike.  It should definitely spark their imaginations and they will have fun along the way.

Directions for the Christmas Word Game

So, like I keep saying, this game is not difficult at all.  If you follow my 5 easy steps, the kids will be playing it in no time at all.  Plus, if you decide that you want to play it at your kid’s Christmas party or even during the appetizers on Christmas day with your family members, you might want to download my FREE printable cards that I have created for you.

Anyways, here are the 5 steps to playing this Christmas Word Game:

  1. Prepare as many sheets of paper as there will be guests playing the game.  On each sheet of paper write the word “Christmas” perpendicularly on it.  If you don’t feel like making up these sheets of paper then sign up below or on the right hand side of this page and grab that freebie I’ve got for you!
  2. Now, hand out each sheet of paper along with something to write with, to each of the guests.
  3. Instruct the children that they will need to write specific things next to each letter:

  • Next to the letter “C” – write the name of something to wear
  • Next to the letter “H” – write the name of something to eat
  • Next to the letter “R” – the name of a bird
  • Next to the letter “I” – the name of a flower
  • Next to the letter “S” – the name of a piece of furniture
  • Next to the letter “T” – the name of a book
  • Next to the letter “M” – the name of a play
  • Next to the letter “A” – the name of a song
  • Next to the letter “S” – the name of a diversion/distraction/amusement/entertainment

If you sign up for my printable sheet, all of this is written on the card but you can just reiterate it to the kids.)

4.     Give a short amount of time for each child to come up with the specific word or two for each letter.

5.     The guest with the highest score of words not written by any of the others wins the game. 

This game might definitely be for slightly older kids.  Also, it might be considered a little old-fashioned.  However, it’s an awesome game that doesn’t lose its touch with kids and it’s nice because it does make them use their brains a little bit. 

I invite you to sign up for the free printable card that has this Christmas word game and the instructions on it.  You can then take the printable and print out however many cards you may need for your number of guests.  I do suggest that you print it on cardstock – it’s just a nicer feel and makes it a little classier. 

Merry Christmas!

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