Make Your Own Christmas Puzzles Game for the Kids in 5 Easy Steps!

This post is for all the thrifty, DIY parents that want to save money because I’m going to show you a fun, inexpensive way to make some Christmas puzzles for/with your kids!

So every year everyone usually gets lots of beautiful Christmas cards for Christmas.  It’s always nice to receive these tokens of love from family and friends.  However, as the years roll by you can have quite the collection that you have saved over the years!  Sometimes the cards get thrown away but when I was younger, my mom would always go through her cards and sort them out.  The ones that she didn’t want to keep she would give to us kids!  We loved them because we would then cut off the picture that was on the front and make our own crafts out of them. 

Ok… That’s nothing new and exciting but then, how about making all those Christmas cards into Christmas puzzles for your kids?! 

How to Turn Christmas Cards into Christmas Puzzles for Your Kids

This is such a fun, inexpensive activity for your children and what makes it so fun are all of those beautiful Christmas cards that you have saved up.  So, how do you turn them into Christmas puzzles?

Well, here are 5 steps to make puzzles out of your old Christmas cards:

  1. Choose as many Christmas cards as you want and cut off the back flap.  This way you’re left with just the picture.
  2. On the back side of the picture, “break” the picture into 5 different sections by drawing pencil markings on the back of the picture.
  3. Before you cut the picture up, label each box with a number or a letter that way if the kids get stuck they can look at the numbers to help them put the image back together.
  4. Using scissors, cut the picture out along the pencil lines that you made on the back of the image.
  5. And there’s your newest Christmas game! 

There’s really nothing to these puzzles but they are fun for the kids to play with and put together.  You could keep the pieces in a bowl so that they could put them together from time to time.

Let's Spice this Up a Little

You could put an additional spin on your Christmas puzzles and turn them into a fun Christmas game! 

And, I’ll break this down for you into several steps to help you understand the game better:

  1. Cut up the Christmas cards into five pieces like I explain above.  You can cut up as many as you like.  I’d probably do at least 10 Christmas cards.
  2. Mix all the pieces of the cards together and place them in the center of a table. 
  3. Have the kids try to put the pieces of the card together.
  4. Turn on the timer and see who can put together the most puzzles in a set amount of time.  So, maybe set the timer for 2 minutes and if that’s too long, reduce the time from there. 

Like I said, it’s an easy, inexpensive, fun way to entertain your kids and this is great to play when you have a Christmas party or during your appetizers on Christmas Day or whenever the kids are bored! 

Merry Christmas! 

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