Christmas Crafts for Kids

A few ideas for Christmas crafts for kids can certainly help parents and others keep children busy during the chaos of the holiday season.

Christmas is of course one of the most exciting seasons of all and everyone's (not just children's) anticipation is running high! 

Christmas Cards and Card Holder

Everyone gets loads of Christmas cards and family pictures each year.  And it is always nice to have a place to store these cards.  That’s where a handy card holder comes in to play.

Kids can very easily make one of these card holders and feel the pride and joy of having it on display to hold all of those cards.  :)

Children also want to make little gifts of their own. 

In fact, my siblings are always going up to my mother and whispering in her ear with giggles and smiles on their face, planning out different surprises for each family member. 

Eventually, I’ll see them working down in the basement with their coloring pencils and construction paper and Christmas pictures, working hard on some little card for each person.  :) 

And when Christmas Eve comes around, everyone goes to sleep only to find a cute Christmas card on their pillow from different brothers and sisters. :)

Coloring Pages

If you are going crazy wrapping presents, baking cookies, going shopping, and cleaning, some Christmas coloring pages can come in very handy.

At the start of each holiday season I get together a folder and print up a bunch of coloring pages for kids.  This makes for a very easy Christmas craft for kids.

When the kids start driving me nuts I’ll pull out this folder and let them pick out one or two coloring pages for them to work on. 

Peace will then reign for about an hour or so as they color them. 

It’s definitely a great craft and one that I love keeping in my bag of tricks.  ;)

Naughty or Nice List

When every Christmas comes, parents start to give little hints to their children on how they had better behave themselves or they will not receive any Christmas gifts or they might end up receiving rocks in their stockings. :)

Incorporate this into your Christmas crafts for kids by making a naughty or nice list

Such a list can be beneficial to children because they can then actually see where they stand and whether they are in Santa’s good graces or not.  

The link above will take you to a page where you can make your own list.  Kids can have fun printing it out, coloring it and decorating it nicely for Christmas. 

And, you will reap in the benefits of them not only being on their best behavior but also having them busy working on making their lists all pretty. 

One of the best Christmas Crafts for Kids - Making a Gingerbread House!

And, to finish off, how about making some gingerbread houses with the kids!

Of all the Christmas crafts for kids this one does take some time, planning and a little bit of imagination but you can have a lot of fun with your children while working on making gingerbread houses. 

Start planning about a week in advance (after Christmas is probably the best time because it’s not as chaotic and the candy and supplies will be on sale). 

You can make this a family Christmas craft by taking everyone involved shopping with you and letting them pick out the materials. 

Then, hop on over to my page linked above and you’ll find some great ideas to make some fantastic gingerbread houses! 

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