Here's a fun Christmas Challenge for Your Kids!

Why not kill two birds with one stone?  Get ready for Christmas and spend time with your kids by partaking in the 25 Day Christmas Challenge and do one small Christmassy activity with them each day!  (But, some of the activities are simple enough that they can perform them on their own.)

Christmas is such an exciting time of the year for everyone!  But, for children especially, it is a time of magic, Christmas tree lights, sugar cookies, late nights and anticipation!  And, that’s what this Christmas Challenge is all about.  It’s an easy way for your kids (and you!) to get into the Christmas spirit gradually. 

What Exactly is Included in This Christmas Challenge?

  • A complete list of 25 different ideas to celebrate Christmas that are easy, don’t require much time but, they spread the Christmas cheer and make kids happy
  • A paper chain + instructions that you can print off and have the kids cut out.  On each loop of the chain is one of the 25 Christmas ideas.  This is a great way for them to count down the days until Christmas and at the same time have the Christmas Challenge ideas all together. 
  • If you don’t want a chain, the list does let the kids check off each activity as they go along.

Who is This Challenge for?

Well, the challenge is for your kids!  It’s an easy way to feed their excitement about the upcoming holiday.  And, it gives them just a little bit of fun each day to celebrate Christmas before the big day arrives.  Kids always love it though when their parents are part of the fun so take some time every now and then to do the day’s activity with them.  I think that every single parent deserves to sit down in front of the Christmas tree with a piping hot chocolate! ;) 

And, if you’re worried about how expensive this Christmas challenge will be its not… I do suggest making an ornament but this is so easy to do and really, you could take an old ornament that you have and put some fancy, glittery stickers all over it.  So, with expense out of the way, what is preventing you from signing up?!!

What can You Expect from This Challenge?

  • You’ll be able to accomplish a few tasks while your kids are busy with their Christmas Challenge activity
  • You’ll be able to keep the kids busy and occupied
  • The kids will get excited to watch the paper chain grow smaller as the days get closer to Christmas

This challenge is going to benefit you as the parent!  It’s going to give the kids something small to do each day before Christmas.  So, if your kids start complaining about being bored, ask them if they have done their Christmas challenge activity for the day.  That usually will send them off running to get busy on it! 

Well, cheers to you as you get the kids going on their Christmas Challenge! And sign up below for your List + Chain that you can print off and put together! 

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