Book on Tape

Listening to a book on tape makes for a great indoor activity/rainy day activity/reading activity for kids!

And this isn’t just in reference to tapes but CD’s as well…

I remember when I was younger how my sister and I would spend hours listening to books on tape.  My mom would tell us that it was quiet time in the afternoon and we couldn’t bother her for about two hours.

So, we used that time to do many things, one of them included listening to a book on tape.

We would listen to the story and would often pause it and read it in the tone of voice that the narrator was.  On other days we would pretend that we were the narrator and read different stories out loud to each other.  :)

Now, my younger siblings enjoy it just as much as we did once and it makes for a nice and peaceful house with kids doing something other than just watching TV.  :)

So, get a tape recorder/CD player and put your kids in a quiet room.  A basement is an awesome place for this kind of a kid’s activity but if you don’t have a basement, I suggest investing in a boostaroo.

A boostaroo can plug into your sound jack and enables more than just one person to hear what is going on.  (It makes it more peaceful for you that you don’t have to listen to the noise of the tape.)

Then, make up a bowl of popcorn and have the kids sit down and listen to the story while you go and enjoy at least an hour of uninterrupted peace and quiet.  :)

Some of the books on tape have books that you read along with the narrator and turn the page when he tells you.

Other tapes are not that way and just provide a story for kids to listen to. 

Where to get a book on tape?

If you’re wondering where to find a book on tape I would start by checking in your local library.

Especially if you live in a big city, you are going to have access to quite a few stories that kids can listen to on tape.  But, small towns also have the resources to get a hold of whatever you might like to listen to.

Some libraries even have boxes with a whole listening kit in them.

They will put the tape and book and even a little dress up outfit or some stuffed characters from the story all into a plastic container for you to check out. 

Then, when you get the kit home, the kids are even more entertained with all the other activities in the bin.

A book on tape also makes for an excellent gift for birthdays and Christmas.

Cracker Barrel sells many stories on tape.  My mother has bought a few cowboy stories, The Lone Ranger, and some old radio shows from the store.

Amazon also has quite a few kids books on tape that you may want to take a look at.  We were able to get a few of the Disney stories on tape and they came with books that we could read through while listening to the story.  We loved those tapes – especially when we were just dying to watch a movie and mom said “no!” :)  The tapes were more than enough to satisfy our cravings.  :)

Listening to tapes are also great reading activities because it encourages kids to read more just from listening to all of the great stories that are on tape.

So, go to the library or buy some tapes for your kids to listen to and fix yourself a bowel of ice cream and sit down and listen to the silence.  :)

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