21 Day After School Activities Challenge

Once upon a time I was younger and I would come home from school after a long day of sitting in the classroom listening to lecture after lecture, doing biology labs, reciting poetry and working math problems.  It was always so much fun to go home because mom was there to do fun after school activities with all of us.  She usually had something fun going on for us and we could tell her all about our day.

Those after school activities for kids can some awesome memories for later on in their lives – look at me!  :)  And as a parent now, I know that I personally love creating happy, fun memories with my kids. 

So, you’re back into the full swing of school. Life is crazy and hectic getting kids to football practice, fitting in the ballet recital, watching a few soccer games and getting them to their piano lessons….  Like I said above, life’s crazy!!!  But, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have the kids come home from school and take some time out for them?  You’ll make some awesome memories and have fun in the process!

Ok…. So… The goal of this challenge: to get you to take 15-20 minutes after school every day to do an activity with your kids. 

Don’t get frazzled or worked up, I have a printable chart for you with each of the activities and a checkmark box that you can mark off each one as you go along.  And, if you find an activity that you want to do more than once, then by all means, do it multiple times! 

The real benefit of this challenge will come from you getting to spend quality time with your kids after school, to give them an ear to their problems, to interact with them during their busy days (and yours too) and to have a quick dose of fun with them! 

How do I Get Ready for this After School Activities Challenge?

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be ready in no time to start the 21 day After School Activities challenge:

  1. Sign up and print off my FREE Worksheet that I have for you.  You’ll find 21 different ideas for some quick and awesome after school activities.  Also, you’ll be keep track of your progress with my checklist that is also in that small packet.
  2. Like any challenge, choose your start date.  I love starting at the beginning of the week.  I look at my project the weekend before and then get together everything that I will need for the upcoming week.  That way, I’m not scrambling on Monday to figure out what I need to have.
  3. Begin!  You’ll find that it’s a very rewarding challenge. It opens up so many lines of communication between you and your kids and everyone gets to have fun. 

Down below you’ll be able to sign up for this challenge and you’ll get immediate access to the printable worksheets that are to be used for this challenge.  And, if there’s anything you want to add to this list then please, let me know!!  I’d love to hear your own ideas and we could even expand this post to be like a 1st semester challenge!  So, sound off in the comments below.  

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