Activities for kids, oh my!

Being the oldest of ten siblings and now starting a family of my own, I can't tell you how often I wish I had a list of activities on the tip of my tongue for every time that I heard the words, “What can I do?” 
 I have heard that over and over and over again! Every day it seems this question has been asked.  And for quite awhile I didn’t have an answer. Finally, I wizened up a little.  I created a little list with ideas for kid's activities. That list has grown and grown and has now turned into this website. Here you’ll be able to find all kinds of activities and so much more! 

So now, every time I hear “What can I do, Kate?” I pull up my list and start naming a few activities. 
Usually, they find something that interests them and they run off to do it. 

Not Sure where to Start? Activities for Kids are super easy to find ...

Ahhhh…. A sigh of relief for me. I can settle back into whatever I had been doing before I had been interrupted.

Raising kids, keeping them busy, and keeping them safe is hard work!  But of course it is so worth it. But then again ... I’ll take just about any idea I can to keep them occupied. ;)

In addition to those listed above, how about:

  • Audio Book Activities - What better way to expand your child's vocabulary  and reading skills - and keep them occupied to boot!
  • Indoor Activities – Yummy sugar cookies are waiting to be made with a bunch of helping hands!
  • Date MuffinsHead to the kitchen and make up a batch of muffins with the kids!


Who is this website for?

This website is of course for parents but I’m sure that many others will find it useful as well. 

  • Camp leaders/organizers, 
  • Daycare providers, 
  • Educators, 
  • And pretty much anyone who deals with children 

Raising children is no easy feat… (Yes, I'm stating the obvious. :)) Having a few handy activities for kids to keep them busy (even if it’s only for a short duration) can help keep you sane - although no promises on that one. ;)

Hopefully these activities for kids that you'll find in the following pages will inspire you and help to make your job a little easier! So, I wish you the best in the huge and rewarding undertaking you’ve taken on.